Joyce is at it Again (STILL)
"definitely no coincidence, definitely no conscience"
On watching the Joyce Meyer Show the other day the 16.3.2006 to be exact, I was once again convinced that withered branches end up as plagiarists in the

Yes, Mrs. Meyer was endeavouring to teach about "bearing fruit and being consistent" but yet again as usual she left the narrow road and made a "mum's gospel dash" for the wide acceptable

Her key words were.....make me!.... stay amazed!....... marvel!.....and dwell, not visit!

Joyce re-enforced her backslidden belief that God prunes dead branches and live-fruit bearing branches. But any God appointed teacher would totally reject such a teaching as
● So dear reader, is Joyce Meyer a plagiarist?...well, I firmly believe coincidences are not consistent.
Yes I believe this woman is a plagiarist in the first degree.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10

P.S.......A plagiarist is another word for dishonest or no integrity. Please do not forget to click the clicks and pray to Father.

Note: There are so many articles of JTCM that have been plagiarised from JTCM (not only by JM but other so called ministers also) we have lost count and time to record. Hence I make this statement as a mere tea-break note for all to read and consider how deceitful the days are we presently live in.

P.P.S..........We have no problem with teaching Joyce, Chuck Swindoll, tele-marketing evangelists/ettes or any other person just be honest is all we ask.........Jeremiah 23:30......Selah....Click