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(please consider - Micah 3:11)

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Many False Prophets Will Rise Up.......

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Mrs Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries tells the churches and TV land that she is now a prophet to the nations .
Queensland, Australia, Briz 31/21.7.2005
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  • There is more than one problem with this and these are clearly are but a few.
  1. Prophets relate to men, prophetesses relate to women. Which one is she?
  2. Prophets don't charge monies $$$ for their message, false prophets do......
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  1. One woman rang Mrs Meyer to tell her that she likes her religious show on TV because it made her feel good, made her feel like she was good and not bad or not so bad after all. This woman was an unsaved person........a sinner, unclean....John 16:8.
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  1. Mrs Meyer writes books about 'generational sins' and in the next breath teaches about the great 'Divine Exchange!' - (all and old things have passed away)?
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  1. Mrs Meyer says God loves everyone but the apostle John says
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  • Prophet or profit, I will let you make your own decision and so will Father.............John 7:17
Testing the spirits behind their teaching through the doctrine of the Christ.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10, Hosea 6:5, John 4:43, 44


P.S... Mrs Meyer forever tells the public that being right (righteous, correct teaching/doctrine) doesn't matter what matters most is getting along with people not hurting or offending people........(1 Peter 2:7, 8)