not the boat called price tag, scary hey?
there's no sacrifice with price tags.

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The little red rented row boat was not much better than no boat but still it was a boat.....the very thing that God wants all church leaders and goers to do is.....get out of the boat, this takes faith.

Not into an ocean liner, a bigger boat or another boat not even a little red rented row boat boat!

This is faith not fund raising but faith. Many fund raise or go about peddling the word of God but neither St Paul or his associates were of this form of faith- christianity.....were they?.......2 Corinthians 2:17.

Fund raising with buying and selling books, video, CD, DVD etc is not faith, not the faith of Hebrews 11 anyway otherwise the apostles would have involved themselves in it and taught it and promoted it......Acts 20:22, 23.

Fund raising is quite ok but never can it be classified as faith, trusting in God otherwise we must have virtually all the world that trust in God/Jesus to bring them through, exalt them and prosper them. Fund raising is done by multitudes of faithless, Christless peoples worlwide.

You see, Jesus calls us out of the boat into naught but most never answer that call. No boat is another way of saying no price tags, no bar codes, no old testament tithe programs or teachings nothing but him, only Jesus. By the spirit, holy ghost not by principles of the secular world but by spirit......holy spirit.....(click here).

Letting holy ghost lead is not for everyone but only for those who are true sons of God. Money is not an issue when Jesus is your master for he is God and with God nothing is impossible is it?.......(click here).

Well, nearly nothing, this is where price tags and bar codes are teaching directly and indirectly that nearly nothing is impossible with God. And yet another one pipes up from the heap of teachers of money and says.....this time we have the answer, the real teaching on money and prosperity, this time we got the program, plan, conn-ference and seminar that will really bless you, you, you. It's based on faith, faith in who, what, why?....2 Timothy 4:3.

And as you turn to the rear cover of the book, tape, CD, DVD, there it is looking you in the face, eye-balling you once again, still that all famous worldling price tag, bar code that we all so often encounter at the check-out in our local Amarts, Kmarts, Mega-Marts and now it stands proudly and boldly in the houses of the Lord for Jesus is lord isn't he, like he is in control isn't he? Like we do as he says don't we?....... ....(click here).

Have we gotten out of the boat as Jesus has asked not into an ocean-liner/Inc, Pty Ltd, a tug boat or even a little red rented row boat but just letting the ghost of God lead? For until then it's just fund (good intentional) raising but never can it be called faith, real faith, that which Jesus calls faith.....Hebrews 11.

Nowhere can we find St Paul saying selling....they done exploits or by sales and services or by tithes or by marketing, no dear reader it was all done by faith in Him/Elohim. Silver and gold had they none!

Bible Ref: 1 Corinthians 4:11

  • Please contact us for the tape about the little red rented row boat which wasn't much better than no boat but it was still a boat, wasn't it?

    You may even get saved by the real Jesus instead of that...other Jesus...that St Paul spoke about to be on the alert for......(click here).
Out of the boat into no boat, placing yourself in his nail scared hands.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Luke 17:10
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P.S.... We may get out of the boat into an ocean liner, price tag tug-boats and worldly concepts but we rob ourselves of the real, genuine relationship with Jesus based on a child like trust and love in him. We only become readers but not doers of his sayings.....amen.
...........................Matthew 7:21-23.