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Over the path of now 17years ministry from one side of the nation to the other (Australia) and across the globe JTCM has been instrumental in rounding up, shaking up and waking up the Lord Jesus Sheep (churches, ministries, persons) in one way or another.....(click here).

The one way JTCM often moves in todays spiritual climate is by heavy blows, stripes and solid truths from the holy book whose author and finisher is the Christ of old.....Proverbs 20:30....(click here).

We should by rights send them a bill/$$$ for all the priceless help we have given the lukewarm, compromising, ignorant churches and their ministers by way of website, tracts, faxes, facts, books, audios, videos and CD's, not to mention phone calls and rebukes.....(click here).

All the teachings in Australia via radio, TV and christian books sales have no doubt stepped up a peg or two yet still have a long way to go before they can let go of their carnal worldly marketing concepts......(click here).

There are many and I do say many who have over the years just quivered at the mention of the name JTCM but today you will find that they do now (maybe) understand the.....end intended by Father......James 5:11.

Do you know what?.....I should send them all a bill $$$ but I won't all because I know better, I want the more blessed blessing not just a run of the mill lounge chair freddy blessing.....I want the more blessed blessing!......come on now, show me your teeth!


Encouraging christendom to peel off the price tags and remove the bar codes and stand back and see the glory of God/Yahweh/Jesus the Christ.
Opening the eyes of the blind churches.
P Sheehan
John 11:40, 2 Corinthians 11:7.
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P.S. JTCM helping people to discover themselves as they really are before it's too late.