The full Counsel Newsletter - No 226

BLOWS THAT HURT CLEANSE AWAY EVIL AS DO STRIPES THE INNER DEPTHS OF THE HEART...................................................PROVERBS 20:30.


I vehemently believe that you can not mistreat a spiritual person a person who walks after the paraclete, holy ghost. But can bless them to no end.

You can not mistreat a spiritual person, a person who follows after Jesus, carries a cross and has no part with sin but you can treat them. Each and every time a saint is attacked they are blessed from above. Each and every time a saint is wrongly accused, abused or offended blessed are they. They are treated by Father himself to another taste of his glory and spirit like never before.......blessed are you when you are persecuted for righteousness sake.

People, church goers, ministers who whinge about being offended, mistreated and hard done by are just carnal in nature, religious and fleshlings by no means spiritual even laodecian.......(click here).

Dead people don't whinge!......We at JTCM make known the attitudes of churches and ministers and church goers toward us for two simple reasons.....

  1. to notify all of the true heart of such people and
  2. to tell people how blessed we are.

2 TIMOTHY 3: 1-5.

Blows that hurt cleanse away evil, praise God, it's all good but not for the flesh lovers and worldlings these are fighting words. Stripes are another cleansing agent of Almighty God/Jesus. Did you know that the word chasten actually flog? ....Hebrews 12;11.....(click here).

Have you been flogged lately?..or is your minister still tickling your deaf ear lobes?.....chastening is grievous, grievous means.......painful, oppressive or very serious. Yet we forever hear how the devil is attacking The Church, are we revisiting the times when it was said.............To The Unknown God!....(click here).

Blessed are you when you are mistreated and have done no wrong. How can you mistreat a saint?......It's impossible according to scripture anyway. Yet we have the wealthy, whinging religious pharisees crying about being mistreated, gossiped about, written about and exposed for what they really are...........Ephesians 5:8-14.

When one carries a cross, flees from sin and follows the Christ daily they are the richest most blessed peoples on the face of the universes plural......selah!

No one can mistreat Pastor Paul Sheehan they all just treat me to the character of my God/Jesus every time they attack. If the churches, their leaders and pew warmers had a few more punches in the head, slaps in the face, set on fire, cast out of their climate controlled buildings, taken to court and spat on a little more often or even once, they would whinge no more but rejoice in tribulation.

It's your choice, either you want to enjoy everyday life or dine at the masters table and drink the cup of loneliness with him, I choose the cross........amen. I choose the Christ and his reproach........Hebrews 13:13

Pastor Paul Sheehan