The full Counsel Newsletter - No 483


(that saves sinners without repentance or faith or faith in 'the faith')
Let us rid ourselves of the elephant that tries to hide behind the mosquito first of all (this is an extreme figure of speech). I am talking about the verse most 'absolute predestinationers' use to endeavour to cancel out the soul saving responsibility of living a holy life in order to be saved from eternal

Without holiness no man or woman will see God or live with him in his house, kingdom and all must sort out their salvation with fear and trembling....Selah.

The elephant (the church leader) that tries to hide behind the mosquito, the misuse of Ephesians 2:4, where the word grace is so conveniently 'in brackets', which means, added in by a translator not the holy ghost the interpreter. Convenient but when one tests scripture with scripture the 'salvation by election squad' are always mowed down with a shower of truth.

Amazing Grace the song, has been sung by millions for many years from the drunk who still hasn't repented to the lying politician and imposter priest. The unrepented world and churches love it too. I too believe it fits all sizes, kind of like a 'God is Love - No one is  Perfect Song' or a John 3:16 believe in your head but not in your actions that Jesus is lord over all sin. How sweet the 'sound' that saved

Amazing Grace written by an X slave trader/Johnny Newton, unbeknown to many has been instrumental in enslaving millions to the rebellious doctrine of Saved by Grace 'without' Faith in The Faith/Doctrine of Jesus the Christ for many decades. How about you, were you saved by a 'sound'?

I too was guilty of singing such a wretched song till Father opened my eyes to the truth by his love that my soul may be saved to the uttermost. Mr. Newton no doubt had some kind of experience, encounter with God but a one time encounter with Almighty God has never secured any man or woman a seat in the Kingdom of God/Jesus the Christ, established canon is sure proof of

I can not recall one person male or female that ever revealed to me that the song 'Amazing Grace' was a supporter of 'Salvation By Election' or Trading on Grace. I was struck with guilt and shame when I realised, that I too compromised God's Word in singing such piffle. Yet through grace Father did not mark this to my account for it was unknown to me up to the light I had on that song/

Amazing Grace it is that saves a person from eternal hell who needs not repent or walk in the light/doctrine as Christ is in the light. How amazing is it to mock the written word of God and say we do not need 'faith' in 'the faith/doctrine' of Jesus to be saved from eternal

It comes as a great shock to most when you tell them that being 'born-again' is not saved to the uttermost and a fizzy or fiery experience with God is not salvation and singing a half-baked song about Grace is no proof that God is with you or you with Him. After all the sons of God are led/controlled/taught and empowered by the spirit of God/holy ghost the paraclete. Also read Luke 8:21.

Well done satan, you are exactly what Jesus said you are, a liar and a deceiver of the human race. Eve's excuse was, it was the devil's fault, Adam's excuse was it was his wife's fault and many will use other excuses some calling Jesus 'Lord' while lying and thieving and living in known-unrepented-sin, no excuses will be heard at the judgement stand of Christ. All of this is simply the elephant trying to hide behind the mosquito and worse than that, this elephant thinks he does God a favour. I tell you what, this old elephant gets the crowds in.

Amazing Grace through Faith (God-Given) in The Faith/Doctrine of the Christ that saved a wretch like me (on repentance) and you too if you care to repent, truly repent and follow/serve Jesus wholeheartedly....1 Timothy 4:16.....Amen.

P.S. Did the 'old african blasphemer' (as they called him) die a blasphemer of sola scriptura? ...ref/Ephesians 2:8.

Pastor Paul Sheehan