(poor, troubled and little in strength)

clickblackwhite.gif (1318 bytes) When I look at these two churches I can not help but think of the teachings and promotions of TV evangelists/ettes, along side the millions of books sold every year to gullible church goers about....fruit, the fruit of their ministries, churches, Companies and Christian (religious) Inc's.
Smyrna's poverty and troubled existence, Philadelphia's little strength, a people who relied on Jesus to make their way for them by no means marketeering, mammon lovers who went out to make a name for themselves. Where O, where is the fruit of these two churches?.....     ........Hebrews 11:24, 25, Matthew 24:45-51.

Dear reader it is looking you in the face be careful it does not bite you on the nose. The fruit of these two churches was a completely different fruit than what is chatted about, spruiked about, marketed about, splashed about and lied about in the vain land of Christendom......(click here)
clickblackwhite.gif (1318 bytes) The so called fruit (pentecostal, evangelical, new age) commonly promoted around the world today can usually be stamped earthly riches, filling seats, shaking hands with world dignitaries and hitting the charts in the world music scene. Hardly anything that the holy one of Israel would or could warrant his blessing upon. After all it was Jesus himself who said repeatedly even when asked by his disciples........are few saved?....said: many are out there seeking but few are striving.....Luke 13:22-24......Selah! 
Seekers are a dime a dozen but strivers are few, rare even like a berry here and a berry there, yes, the faithful men and women (those that are faithful to Jesus) have perished from the earth ref/Micah 7:1-7. Yet we do have many a deceitful, slap happy seeker looking for a little religious action or maybe a beau or bride or even a job or some business strategies to road test.

The fruit of Smyrna and Philadelphia was the fruit, outcome, product, results of these saints, the final report, the conclusion that Jesus came to about these poverty stricken, troubled, little people was......Jesus The Christ, The Judge, Messiah, God, Yahweh, accepted them and them alone out of all the so called fruity, prosperous, hard working, healthy, wise churches. Are you bearing the fruit worthy of acceptance?
clickblackwhite.gif (1318 bytes) Or are you just like all the rest of the religions of the world?.......money, numbers, acceptance, fame, fortune, TV, radio, best sellers list for word play teachings and Jesus is outside your church knocking but you can not hear him for the printing presses churning over, the band playing dixie, the yelling over money and more, the boasting of healings that only last the night and the band played waltzing matilda
Maybe this Jesus outside your church, ministry is heard but only as this annoying voice that continuously calls out repent and be forgiven, consider your ways.....Haggai 1:4, 5, Luke 24:47

One church in Revelation the church at Sardis completely died, they were dead which is the only place we can end up if we don't strive for perfection.....ref/Revelation 3:1, 2....(be ye perfect)

Once again seekers are many, how many seek?....many!...but few strive, this message no doubt places the absolute predestination doctrine of the baptists, pentecostals, evangelicals and Roman Catholics in question yet again, still.

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You are those who justify yourselves before men but God knows your hearts for what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.

Pastor Paul Sheehan
Luke 16: 15


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