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TOGETHERNESS: Unidentified "prayer partners" embrace at Houston's Lakewood Church, which draws thousands.
HOUSTON - After a rousing live performance of "Jesus is better than life," broadcast over three Jumbotrons in the Compaq Center, Victoria Osteen steps to the podium in front of 16,000 cheering Sunday worshippers and proclaims: "We're going to rock today. This place has been rocked a lot of times, but it's never been rocked for Jesus."

Indeed, the sports arena first opened with The Who in 1975 and closed with ZZ Top just weeks ago. It has been home to two Houston Rockets championships and plenty of other memorable games and events.

But earlier this month, the Compaq Center took on a new role as city leaders officially turned the keys over to Lakewood Church - the largest congregation in the United States, with more than 25,000 attendants each weekend, according to Church Growth Today.

In an era when small and medium-sized churches of almost every faith are losing members, megachurches continue to grow-last year by 4 percent. Their success is due in part to the ushering in of a new business-savvy approach to religion. But more important, experts say, these churches are thriving because of what's being ushered out.

Gone are traditional religious dogma, rituals, and symbols, replaced by uplifting songs and sermons. Congregations are taught that-through God-they are victors, not victims. The messages are encouraging and easy to swallow, and no one is called a sinner. It's "Jesus meets the power of positive thinking."

  • Sent in by Brother Mark Henderson, who says- Positive Growth, Positive Thinking, Positive Wealth...dead people going to hell.............07/01/04
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