The full Counsel Newsletter - No 488


(by walking in the light of his word......1 Timothy 4:16)
When human ability surpasses Godly morality (orderwise) all we have left is a Hitler Styled Government and peoples. A people that are all about performance while purity is rendered obsolete and irrelevant and a humanistic perfection is

Perfection, true perfection has never been attained, reached by human performance alone, much rather by the diminishing of self, self-will and selfishness. Self and her friends, self - will and selfishness are always leading contributors to such actions as apostasy, blasphemy and heresy. These can never be thoroughly dealt with outside of the Christ's Doctrine/Way and holy ghost power.....John 3:30....Selah.

Holiness, purity of heart and perfection the Christ Style (not religions of men and women's style) are attained, reached not by self-effort, human intellect or good deeds but by 'faith-obedience toward God'. It is this knowing of the Christ Jesus through faith in the faith/doctrine of the Christ, ultimately by Grace that permits us to be perfect, holy, pure and sons of God/Yahweh in his sight.....Philippians 3:10, Galatians 5:25.

In June 2009, it was made known to the entire world that President Obama took great pride in nominating the  month of June/09 as 'Gay/Homosexual, Lesbian and Transvestite month' of the year. Obama relished in the works, abilities, skills and public service of the Gay-Homosexual Community in USA and inside the White House in Washington. It has been said that the theme for the 'US Embassy Party 09' in Baghdad is 'Gay Pride' held at the embassy employee association Pub/Baghdaddy's ....Romans

Performance and abilities, labor and public service winning over the presidents heart, so what's the moral code and standard now? And what of the Laws of the God of all creation, isn't America's motto......IN GOD WE TRUST?.......which one? Apparently the US Army are burning bibles in Afghanistan this very day to appease Muslims......1 Samuel 16:7.

The wheels of progress and modernism, have never ceased to savage, molest, mutilate and rape the essentials of righteous living....justice, holiness, purity and Godly-perfection/obedience to Jesus the Christ thinking they do humanity and God a favour. Only to find out they have only dug a deeper hole for many more spiritually dead people to lie in eternally.

Mr. Obama is the fraud, band aid for the (US) leper colony I said he was from the start and his decision making is amplifying this to the whole world. Mr. Obama puts humans before God/Jesus and despises the new Covenant of Messiah, he is the perfect humanist and gay lobbyist. Obama is a staunch human rights activist and equal rights advocate but a God/Jesus fearing man he is not, you only have to look at (her James 4:4 lifestyle) and listen to his wife to see that. Martin Luther King. Jnr would be proud of Obama but not Jesus.

If a leader is not God/Jesus fearing that leader will one way or another lead his followers whether family, church, state or nation to eternal hell-fire. Obama like most degenerated thinkers has this ridiculous idea that they are going to bring peace to peoples, religions, students, races and nations without Jesus the Christ being the centre-point, theme and God in the matter, it will never

There is only one way to attain, to reach peace, holiness, purity, unity, love, harmony and the resurrection from the dead and that is to know him/Jesus and to be conformed to his ways/doctrine, all the rest is vanity and grasping for the wind. The ways of men and women seem right in their own minds but the way thereby leads to death and hell-fire-eternal....ref/Philippians 3:10, John 15:5...Amen.

Pastor Paul Sheehan