(as the little children would say)
Luke 1:77-79
Allow me to tell you of an elderly lady I met while in a village in the Philippine Islands. I was living in a coffee shop at the time, the owner of the shop (come residence) was a barrister and very well known and looked up to in the village.

I ended up living in his house because I had nowhere to live. The previous place I stayed was a mission run by an AOG pastor. I did what I could for this mission, everything from painting the place, cleaning the toilet, providing foods and clothes for the household and I sold my car in Australia to buy them a car for their visitations but still it wasn't enough for this

I heard from peoples in the village that this pastor was laughing at me  behind my back and joking to peoples how he had a servant who cleaned his toilet (obviously this man was very humble) and the people said that this pastor really didn't speak very kindly of me at any time. This pastor once said to my face "I have Korean ministers who give more $$$$ than what you own".

After some time  I began to clearly see that this minister was a man who loved money and thought very little of 'messengers of Yahweh', he was too zealous building his carnal dream, empire, mission to listen to what Father was saying to him or even sincerely care for the poor.

Father had me cut out a picture of John the baptiser, baptising Jesus at the Jordan, frame it and hang it on the freshly painted wall in the dining-kitchen area along side a picture of a donkey, it was meant to be a helpful-hint. Endeavouring to quicken the pastor of his lack of gratitude, humility and respect toward

In the end I did read (explain) the mural out clearly to him before I left the mission, no, he refused to receive what I had said. I did warn this man that Father was going to humble him, he just smiled at me. It was about two weeks later that one of the biggest typhoons that had ever struck Negros Island - 1995 and this village arrived. The winds and rain were fierce, the entire roof was peeled off the children's pre-school and every room in the mission was full of water ankle deep, every room was attacked except the room that I stayed in. Coincidence you may say, at least, a fool would anyway.

Father quickened me one evening to move on, he said, "in the morning you will leave here for I have prepared a place for you in this island". I had no idea where to go, here I am a white man wandering through a village of foreigners, hot, humid, discouraged and unable to speak the language with no help save an invisible friend, saviour, God.......Jesus the Christ, Yahweh.

I walked for a time till I came to a cross-road intersection where I stopped to rest and put my luggage down. The heat and humidity was not pleasant, with sweat running down my arms, legs and brow I looked up and quietly said within myself, "lord, what is going on, it's just not on, which way do I travel from here? I've got no idea".

Then a voice cried out to me from a window in a two storey house, hey Joe! what are you doing, are you alright?...I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, it was a joyous sound. It was as if I knew this man but I had never met him before, he called me over and told me to sit down and  have a cool drink. Besides my name isn't

It was only about one hour after I had left that mission that God used unsaved people to provide me with food, shelter and drink. I kind of think of it as 'raven help' ref/Elijah, brook

It was a wonder filled stay and the coffee shop underneath the rooms was a meeting place for many, many were healed that came for prayer from the foreigner, salvation was a daily happening, children came in the morn while I ate my breakfast and gazed into my face hoping to receive some of the fish and eggs I was eating and they did.

I really loved it there but there is no room for our loves when 'the' master 'the' Christ is master and orders our steps.........Matthew 10:34-39, Matthew 8:21, 22 1 Corinthians 6:20.

One person in particular 'an elderly lady' who's name I never got to know properly although mentioned came with children one morn and she had such a clear smile, like clear shining after rain, she was wanting some rice, just a cup. So I sent a servant to the shop for rice and he came back joyfully with the rice and the look on her face was glorious. The servant boy I mention was the one the owner of the house-business gave to help me, he was always partaking of gifts and opportunities to eat out wherever I went........the labourer is worthy of his wages.

This elderly woman took me to her house and showed me where she rests of a night. I was full of admiration for this lady who showed no sign of complaining of her lot. She put her hands on that kilo of rice given her and grasped it as if there was no tomorrow. I had to laugh and laugh again while I sang aloud.......what a friend we have in Jesus!!!!!

Here I was nowhere to live and here she was with her own home established in prime island real estate district, what a pair, what an experience, what joy divine, what a wonderful saviour. If I was sent to the Philippines just to give some children some of my fish and eggs and one old lady one kilo of rice it was a trip more than worth it's while.

So much more went down, roofs in some cases. The young man who diligently served me from the day I got to the barrister's house to the day I left ended up giving his life to Jesus and scored all my jeans, shirts and even my desert boots he loved so much but most of all he found Jesus or should I say Jesus found him tucked away in an unknown insignificant village that has no dealings with presidents, prime ministers or Wall St.    
  • There were many widows in Zarephath but Elijah was sent to one only and there were many lepers in the Elisha era but to one only was Elisha sent to help.....this saying made many wrath......ref/Luke 4:24-30, selah.
  • Taking this message of my Father to the whole world
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    November 2007


    P.S. The children would say to me each morning "Good morning Mr. Visitor!"