1 Corinthians 15:58
Today was an extra special day not only for me but also for Father who is in heaven and chiefly for 'Nangela'. Yahweh watches and he listens, he doesn't miss an action or word spoken not even a thought.

Today was an extra special day because 'Nangela' asked Jesus to forgive her of her sins  and asked Jesus to save her soul from destruction-eternal hell fire.......Matthew 10:28.

● Who is 'Nangela' ??????

Nangela is a young lady from Iran I met around one month ago while I was preaching 'repentance and forgiveness' in Brisbane City.

Over the past month I have given 'Nangela' a range of materials of JTCM such as DVD's, tracts, papers and counsel which she received each time with a joyful smile.

It was today that we met again by no coincidence and Father quickened me to pray with her and then for her. Nangela confessed her sins (in public) was washed as white as snow (not white washed) she was made clean and her name was placed in 'the lamb's book of life'. The very first words that came from sister Nangela's mouth after we prayed were....."Could you get me a bible to read"? Definitely music to my ears.

Please pray for sister 'Nangela' that she will be brave and continue to walk on with Mashiah by faith in the faith ultimately by grace, up to the light she has.

● Today was an extra special day!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10, Luke 24:47



● Bible Ref/Romans 10: 8-13, 11:22, John 6:66, 15:6, Matthew 24:13...selah.

P.S.... Few enter by the narrow gate for few are looking for the narrow gate says the lord Jesus the Christ....click.

Note: If you would like to attend sister Nangela's 'water baptism' please feel free to call for a little more info...shalom