Meiji Temple
● The Last Words of George Bush to the USA......White House/8.2.2008

● Prayer Breakfast Speech

A typical broad-word that would comply with all religions of men and women from Zen to Zion. I was not able to find the name 'Jesus' anywhere within the full transcript. His speech with his National Prayer Friends was by no means......"full counsel"

However, I did read the words.....His, King/loving Father, Almighty and Almighty God but still not a whisper of 'that' name, Jesus.

I mean, even the Muslims use the words "God is Mighty" ref/Bali Bombers not to mention all other hell-bound religions of the planet.

Jesus the Christ, words that don't even sit well in Jerusalem these days (or ever) amongst unconverted Jews/non-messianics.......Romans 2:29.

George said that "He is not a distant King but a loving Father", I hope George is not calling Jesus Father and Father King, is this not the oneness teaching of TD Jakes the black Billy Graham to be,

Jesus is king and king of kings and Father is not and never will be Jesus but they are one but yet there are three......Father, Son and Holy Ghost the paraclete.

George's speech was surely a script that catered for the nation and all its gods. The word 'Maker' popped up there too, a real Masonic Lodge quote if ever there was one. I gather it is part of the art of being a politician.....wordplay and compromise at any cost even your soul and the souls of a nation and

Yes, all the 'different walks' (ways) of faith and faiths were there and a good time was had by all and that universal word 'God' cunningly saved the day and once again the face of George W Bush, at least until he and the peoples of the 'all different walks of faith' stand at the judgement stand of Jesus the Christ. That will be a transcript worth transcribing!

Especially when the only acceptable entry fee into the judges approval will be honesty, truth and humility, in a word 'holiness' with the one and only true God as preeminent.....Jesus the

His name is Jesus!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
1 Corinthians 1:18-25

P.S. "Even the White House watch Pablo preach as he sleeps"

Note: And going on the 'biblical' (non-biblical) background and present day stance of Obama and Clinton, alas, not a lot can be expected if either one is ordained as president or president-ess regarding the exaltation and glorification of Jesus the Christ. However, there will be many new promises to be fulfilled, that's for sure, that's for certain. Just another band-aid, for the leper colony.......selah.

Note/2..Obama will be President of the USA but he will be yet another band-aid for this rebellious leper-colony. Mr. McCain was never really in the race, he just thought he was. The Obama Story is a real Sin-Derella thing with many a tale for the papers. McCain (Bush 2), Clinton (Mrs. Underfire) and Palin (Bush3) were all just pawns (window dressing) in the political game and the people love to have it so but what are they going to do when the end comes????......18.10.2008