(not even for the authorities)


Dear professing christians of Australia......


Another rich serving-which is my pleasure to share with you dear church goers and leaders.

"He who hath a listening ear........"- sincerely trusting of course this to be the case.

If never before, I believe we are surely at the "no nonsense" stage of history-especially Spiritually- "he who is filthy, let him be filthy also righteous........and holy.......that we might have right to the Tree of Life and enter in through the gates into the City!"

In my own mind I have come to label pastor Paul's messages as "No place to hide!"; for "whatsoever is light makes manifest. But men love darkness rather than light because........they don't want to change........but rather "heap to themselves teachers tickling the ears!"- a gospel made to suit "the love of this present world," and if we are not careful, a seared conscience.

Dear God, please save us from such a thing! lest we do despite to the Spirit of grace and don't even know it ( or want to know it ). But I believe this is what He is doing or is seeking to do, to save us. But how easy to be as reluctant as Lot! ( refer my paper re Lot's wife and Zoar, more true than ever).

Yes. "if we do His will, we will know of the doctrine.........and it will set us free" from the world, the flesh and the devil, ( the true axis of evil! ), and give us "an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and which fadeth not away," and "the heavenly vision which we are not  disobedient to!" Amen?




Brother Donald Wilson
Revelation 22:11


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