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WHITHER BOUND my fellow traveller?
WHITHER BOUND your road of life?

Mid the cares of daily living,
mid the chaos and the strife?
Tell me, pray, where are you going?
Maybe we have a common goal.
maybe we can go together,
to the haven of the soul.

Many seem as though such matters
uneffect their earth-bound view;
Spend their time in building castles;
toys of dust their hearts pursue.
Muck-rack of 1000 projects
rarely leave their calloused hands;
Knowing not it leads to nowhere-
cer-tain-ly not heavenly lands.

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Some reach dizzy hights of pleasure;
fame and fortune in their track;
Store their wealth in vaults of concrete-
really liquid in a sack!
Bring up children just to follow
in their parents' fruitless way;
Walk the tread-wheel of tomorrow,
unattending needs today;

See the sights of earth quite mortal,
though blind to heaven's open door;
Maybe ease their conscience slightly...
give a little to the poor!

On and on they grope like wombats,
seeing not the light of 'day';
Scratching out their earthen burrows,
far from true the Christian way.

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If perchance they get religious,
with some gospel - half the truth,
Join a 'club', their conscience easing,
yet from sin they're not aloof!

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Praise My Soul Bertha I'm more humble than you! Our father who art in hell!

'Carnal Christian' - yes they call it!
contradiction of plain terms;
Hybridised....genetic modeling,
crossed with humanising sperms;
Like new cloth to ancient added,
spirit-wine in skins still old;
Tares and wheat in loving union,
lukewarm mix of hot and cold!

Pulpits filled with human wisdom;
even perverts have their place!
Nothing now can be unholy,
plus, "'tis covered by His grace!"
And to judge a wayward brother,
as the Good Book says to do,
Is a sin of course most heinous!
though they judge the likes of you!

So the road to hell it widens-
room for all to do their thing;
Paved with best of our intentions,
though true peace it does not bring;
While the old-time 'strait and narrow'
stiil attracts the contrite few;
Leading to the gate immortal,
beck-on-ing both me and you.

So dear friend I'm still a-wandering
if I have a travelling mate,
Willing now to make the journey
from this world to heaven's gate;
Now with lives made humble, holy,
washed in blood- Christ's blood and Word,
walking now with Him as Lord!

Hallelujah! What a Saviour!
Hallelujah! Hear Him say,
"I have come to save the sinner,
from their hell-bound human way!"

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  • Message delivered by:
  • Brother Donald Wilson
  • 20.10.2003
  • Luke 13:6-9
  • Phone: 0438 160 137