(regarding his 'Christ' Ordained Ministry on planet earth)
* St. Paul of Tarsus was beaten often, shipwrecked often, in prison frequently, in deaths often, stoned, perils of water, robbers, his own countrymen, perils of gentiles and in the city, wilderness, sea and false brethren. St. Paul was even in conflict with Mother Nature.

Weariness, toils, sleeplessness, hunger, thirst, fastens often, he suffered from cold weather and nakedness not to mention his deep concern for the condition of the churches/local...... .................2 Corinthians 11:23-31.

* St. Paul's collection of great friends while on earth....Zero, my ref/2 Timothy 4:16-18. Never nominated for 'peace prize' or PM.

* St. Paul's result of his effective fervent prayer sent to Yahweh about his 'thorn in flesh' he wasn't healed/delivered.......ref/2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Was Paul on the right path??????

* St. Paul's financial record in the thick of his ministry.......could not afford a loaf of bread, a can of drink or a shirt from Lowes he couldn't even afford to pay rent in a boarding house......ref/1 Corinthians 4:11. A real 'seed faith' prosperity

* St. Paul's financial legacy on death....Zero (no record or boast).

* Cathedrals, synagogues and church buildings/conference centres built by Holy Ghost leading St. Paul while he was in ministry on earth.......Zero, not one.

* Books, Tracts, bible translations and credential cards written by, published and 'sold' for monies by St. Paul while on earth led by Holy Ghost......Zero, not one.

* St. Paul's valediction, farewell speech, parting words to all were absolutely nothing to do with money, buildings, memberships or furtherance of any man and woman made bible college/institute.

In fact, St. Paul's valediction was purely and totally and fully about Christ and His Doctrine......ref/2 Timothy 4:6-8....Selah.

Surely this page alone lays bare, naked the business savvy churches, the $$$$ Penny-Costal's, the Evangelical (roman catholic) Sales and the Vatican Wealth (vows of poverty peoples)

Bringing tricksters to account, through scripture - NT.
Pastor Paul Sheehan

P.S. Maybe St. Paul needed the Keith Moore/ Ken Copeland 'Perfect Protection' tape set? the Santy season discount price $$$$$.