DID SAINT PAUL TITHE?..............
(Why wasn't he living on Kingdom Principles, Clover Street in the Promised (never never) Land)?

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  • Did saint Paul tithe?
  • Did saint Paul sow money, $$$ the pentecostal pirates and the evangelical would be's if they could be's call money-seed.
CLICK They say sow your money here in our church, ministry, we are working wonders with money. Sow your money/seed here in our ministry we are the ones who have the answers to all your lumps, bumps, aches and pains, sags and sadness. Do you feel lonely today?.....send us some seed/money and we will send you in exchange/merchandise the answer (what we say is the answer) to your problem, actually it is money. Yeah!.....that's your problem $$$$ you need more money to hell with the judgement day.....(click here).
  • Did saint Paul tithe?
  • Did saint Paul sow money, shekels $$$ so that he would not go hungry, thirsty, without or to hell? Was Paul business savvy?

    Did saint Paul say I'm rolling in dollars/American dollars with the satanic........all seeing eye within the triangle......Revelation 3:15-17.

    Well! What did saint Paul the holy man (not the conn-man) say, what was saint Paul's message for the Copelands, Meyers, Hinns, Dollars, Mormons, Schullers, Savelles, Hickeys, AOG, COC, CLC, KFC, Baptists, Revival Centres of Australia and all other lovers of mammon/gain?......(click here).
  • Saint Paul the holy man of God/Jesus the Christ said this..........1 Corinthians 4:11-13.

Even now, still, today as I write this letter to you people of the Corinthian Church. I write today to the ones that are sanctified in the Christ, called out of the world, away from worldly principles to be saints with all others in every other place in the world who called on rely on the name of Jesus the Christ....

What I want you to know is that myself and the other true apostles in the Christ are hungry, thirsty and we are poorly clothed. We are not clothed in fine apparel, we are poorly clothed......(click here).

We are also beaten-repeatedly, struck, bashed and we all of us are homeless. We are not highly praised by multitudes of gullible men and women but we are considered no better than the filth, scum, offscouring of this sin cursed world........(click here).
You either despise money, mammon, gain or you love it!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Matthew 6:24
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Note: The false doctrines always turn to seed when the doctrine of the Christ is presented.