written by Beth Moore from the 'Life' show hosted by James Robison.

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Believing God....The Book, tells (as per usual) people to believe God and one of the key phrases of this book writer is...."If God is who he says he is".......(click here).

Well God is who he says he is but are we what we say we are is the more appropriate question. So my question is and always has been for all so called believers and writers of books such as..."Believing God!".....(click here).

What are price tags and bar codes doing on books, tracts, video, audio, CD and DVD if you are claiming not only to be a real believer but more, even a teacher of and an adviser of the supernatural realm of faith in God/Messiah?
  • Can we find St Paul, St Peter or Messiah with a national, international ministry travelling from town to town selling the oracles of God?........2 Corinthians 2:17.
Think on this........St Paul entered into a synagogue with two letters under his arm written in the original text and just before the exit door there stands a table with his writings on there marked....
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Plus discount prices for all items and articles (that we can't shift) such as jaw bones from Ashkelon, garments from Pilates wardrobe, flawed pots from the potters house Jeremiah visited and the original tickets sold at the first feeding of true Christians to the lions. Frightening isn't it?

It's time to get rid of the wants list and love Jesus fullstop then you shall want for no good thing for the rest of your days. Beth Martha Moore, it's time to take the price tags off your books and let the truth sanctify you...John 17:17, selah ...........(click here).

If you are going to write a book called....'Believing God' you first must show Father that you believe him then you will not have to place price tags on the back and the confirmation of your belief, your faith, your sincerity, your honesty will be seen by your works for faith without works is dead. Father acknowledges the heart then moves accordingly......do you really believe?

If you really believe you will see the glory!
God is who he says he is! Are you?
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Unprofitable Servant
Luke 17:10

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P.S. God is not going to judge us for what people think we are or for what you think you are but for what you really are........selah.