(I'm OK, I'm still on my way (haven't changed)....I'm not where I should be but that's only rebellion, sin).

clickred.gif (2373 bytes) I'm OK at least I think I am, according to what the majority says, the world and Christendom at least and I'm on my own selfish way as per usual, buying, selling and trading in the word of God and of course still trading on grace...2 Corinthians 2:17.
Believing and teaching unconditional grace, unconditional salvation unconditional power to overcome sin, unconditional protection from destruction, invasion by foreign rebel forces and.....

I am not where I should be (but who is?) because I am blatantly rebellious, selecting scriptures from the holy bible that please the souls of men and women but never change their love and lust for sin, self, more and money. Fulfilling Luke 16:14, 15 & Matthew 21:12, 13.

Great!! the eyes of men and women only to realise (or not realise) get a revelation that it is all an abomination in his, Jesus, holy eyes.
clickred.gif (2373 bytes) I am not where I should be (because I like most don't want to be) but I am not where I used to be (financially anyway) actually I am more in debt than ever. I used to be in debt to the world at one time now I am also in debt to christendom, its book stores, subscription tele (marketing) evangelists and evangelistettes, his and hers once again for jezebel wouldn't have it any other way would she now?......hello?
When a man stands and preaches the message of repentance and forgiveness on city walk ways, marketplaces, villages and suburbia for 17 years daily he usually hears a common, general quote from the public and do you know what that is.....
  • I'm okay mate, I am in a hurry (to make money)
  • I'm on my way (to shopping, work, play, conference, seminar)
  • I know, you're right I should be doing what Jesus said but no ones perfect (obedient) only Jesus is perfect says (Christendom + Roman Catholic Church)
As one young man said on national TV...I have been helped so much by this rehabilitation course, this success course, it's great. I now have a job and a credit card I am starting to move on in life now. God help us!
Yeshua says I am the way/doctrine, teaching.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10

P.S I'm OK and I'm on my way were the exact words of the laodecian christians who weren't where they should have been which is why Jesus was outside their church building.