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Matthew 22:16

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  • Be yourself in the Christ.

    Many have learned and taught and believe that the battle David had with Goliath was some kind of objective, vision, dream or other that David was out to achieve maybe some possibility, positive thinking task set before him......No it wasn't!
  • David's slaying of the giant was merely a battle that he faced on his way, on his way to fulfil his task for his dad.

    David was actually on...the way...he was obedient to his dad and pleasing to God in that he was obedient to his dad and said a great dad and God all in one move......(click here).

    It will always be the same for all who choose to obey Father and forget about the possibility of themselves becoming great, the hero, the rich, famous and wise. They like I today shall walk into his, Fathers love, power, provision, peace, joy, ministry and anointing. A glorious life with him and in him - Elohim.

    It's all about being as natural in the spirit as you are in the natural. Not making it happen, making yourself someone like  those of Babel or being a success and planning to escape the dreaded house called low self esteem or poverty. Away with such chaff.

    In this little piece of instruction we can see, I hope, that there are two major issues that need to be dealt with in every persons life in order for them to walk by his, Jesus Spirit instead of by our own might and carnal power or dollar power. And they are
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Too many today are trying to make it happen, trying to be someone, trying to be apostles but have no miracle working power to back it up, trying to be prophets but want to be friends of all, trying to be Jesus but are only Barabas at heart, trying to be what their unconverted hearts and minds want to be....Genesis 3:4-6.

David never prayed, dreamed or envisioned being King neither did he set out to accomplish such a task. David was appointed by God, David loved God, David's goal was God, Yahweh and not anything else but God. This is where victory, power, wisdom, knowledge and anointing live with him Elohim. To finish I would like you to view another great one's vision, dream, objective and desire, his name is St Paul.......1 Corinthians 2:2.

My goal, vision, objective is God, Jesus the Christ!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Philippians 3:14
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P.S. My miracle is not on the way, my miracle is...the way...Jesus The miracle....selah!