"The Assembling of the gods"
(in the last days)


I was reading an article only recently where I witnessed the still unchanged attitude of the AOG across the globe.

Some likened it to 'Big Brother' whereas I believe it would be better described as "God Father Tactics' from Sicily, especially in the hierarchy realm, top of the heap,

It brought to mind an experience I had some time back with an AOG church leader Mr. Freddy Evans (brother of Andrew Evans) early in my christian walk and ministry, actually it was over a decade and a half ago if my memory is serving me well.

Father took me into Fred's fellowship and as holy ghost led, I spoke, you could say........'whatever he/our lord says to you, do it'.......John 2:5......selah.

Anyway, there was a respectful break (pause) in the meet where people were encouraged to prophesy, so I did just that recognising the pause......and what happened?

Before you could say 'wheelbarrow' Fred was close enough to me that he could have kissed me. Fred was not happy, (he was rather angry underneath that AOG smile) Fred told me to be quiet and sit down and because I was set upon speaking what Father put in my heart by his spirit he gave the nod for the bouncers who escorted me out of the building.

The funny thing was that people (supposedly his people - sheep) followed me outside to hear what the prophecy was and I told them and believe it or not they said yeah and amen. None of those people are in that fellowship today, as far as I know.....thank God for that.

● Jesus the Christ still sends out his prophets, wise men and teachers today and yes they are still refused and rejected, there's nothing new under the sun.

I still can't fathom why 'good people' or so they are called, would be or would want to be associated with crooked church organisations such as 'Assemblies of Gods'......click.

Jesus solution and teaching/doctrine, says the same thing today that it said hundreds of years ago.....'Come Out From Among Them' and be separated from them and have no part with their empires or their falsity for they are children, daughters of  'The Mother of Harlots'......click.

It is obvious and sadly blatant, that most men and (even women) pastorettes of this age, shine to the fact that AOG has built herself quite a reputation over the decades for more than growing buildings, purchasing lands and collecting monies......click.

AOG like most religions have for themselves a 'franchise' type arrangement which they choose to call 'Credential Holders'. This enables these men and women to be seemingly (endorsed) found as acceptable, honest, true, sincere, loving and wait for it humble people of God. Which god I know not?

Some of the credential holding AOG church leaders  I have had the dishonor to speak to would and could never meet Yahweh's Criteria as ministers for there is no anointing there to start with only a fancy business card and the emphasis is on 'business'....click.

The frightening thing for these cloned card holders is this, they would be up the ditch if they had no piece of paper telling the public that they are part and parcel with one of the richest religions in the world today. And this is why most men and women don't 'come out from among them' and out from under that man made banner and out from under association with such a crooked house. If these men and women were bold enough and honest enough they would depart from all connections whatsoever with the AOG not fearing the wrath of this hypocrite system or the rejection that will accompany such a Godly Move.....click.

If churches and ministers insist on remaining in 'keeping up appearances and numbers' in the last days they will eventually forfeit the divine opportunity of being part and parcel with the 'holy remnant church'......and end up apostates the final end being damnation......click.
 ● Unless we love messiah more than our mum, dad, wife, husband, children, lands, houses, enjoyment, monies, professions, possessions, credentials, denominations and demonisations, self, sin and fame we are by no means his......Jesus the Christ's, head of the living church....Matthew 10:32-42.
The AOG along with their corn flake packet - credential cards have had their day, to try to resurrect such a dilapidated barn to a bonafide Godly standard would be as making a pact with the devil himself....amen.

For your perusal without partiality.
Pastor Paul Sheehan

P.S.....The only safe place is outside the gate........Hebrews 13:13.....selah

Note: It is not sour grapes with me that I have no credential card today, for the truth is I have held two within 19 years of ministry. One from Pennsylvania/USA as Reverend and one from the Philippines as Superintendent - both honorary. And I gladly returned the both keeping copies for my files, my calling is evident in my writings, teachings, preachings and life. Selah.