Australia's Future

The following prophecy was given by Cindy Jacobs.. a so called widely recognised.. prophetess, recognised by who, I am not really sure.
However, we shall read it and then endeavour to correct Cindy where she has gotten emotional and spoken from her own resources. So let us read what she says and then I shall comment on her findings.

Reference.. Cindy Jacobs/C.J.
                Paul Sheehan/P.S.

1.. C.J... Australia will be a first fruits nation, an apostolic nation, a sending out nation.
P.S... No Cindy Australia will be a apostate nation with multiple gods and will defy Jesus the Christ all the way to the .. great tribulation period, where hopefully they will finally repent and many will then be among the great tribulation saints.
2.. C.J... God is releasing the .. Anzac Light Horseman Anointing .. especially upon the young people, to take down the strongholds, the Joshua anointing to take the land .. great courage, determination, persistence.
P.S... As an ex-serviceman/infantry .. I can tell you right now God does not have such an anointing to release .. and besides)the A.L.H. had very little to do with holy living. The young people in Australia are not capable of taking down their Christmas decorations after Christmas let alone take the land. Courage, determination and persistence are like hens teeth among the youth in Australia. Never have I layed my eyes on a more rebellious, lazy and ungrateful people as the youth of today. Don't forget to add to that .. disrespectful to elders and authorities.
3.. C.J... Australia will send out the greatest number of missionaries per capita.
P.S... No Cindy, your words sound nice to the ears of the number takers but this is not what Father says at all. Australia has sent out many a missionary with false doctrines and added to the pollution of Gods word and only ever established false security among church goers. Australia is the one that needs missionaries not the world elsewhere.
4.. C.J... Australia will be a nation that will help transform other nations .. because despite what others have said, Australia is not an ugly duckling nation but a swan nation.
P.S... Australia can never transform any nation because Australia is not transformed herself. Australia is as deceived and pagan as any other self willed nation on earth whether .. USA, RUSSIA, ENGLAND OR ASIA. Australia, shall be broken in pieces like a potter breaks a vessel that he is not pleased with, it will ...be stripped of its gods.. money, possessions and trust in man.
JEREMIAH 18:7-12.

The prophets prophesy falsely, the priests rule by their own power, my people love to have it so but what will they do.......in the end???
Jeremiah 5:31
5.. C.J... Evangelism, the various ethnic groups in Australia are not here by chance but by Gods appointment. They will go back to their own countries with the word of God to evangelise. This is especially so of the Asian people.
P.S... Dear Cindy, my wife is Asian and she would laugh you out of town if you said that to her. Asian people didn't come to this country to become missionaries .. they came like all other nations .. to get a bigger bite of the world cherry. More money, more food, more ease, more of what satan calls the .. good life!. Your words Cindy are from your own deceitful heart.. Jeremiah 5:27-31.
6.. C.J... Australia will release much wealth to the nations. God is raising apostles to business for this nation. The super rich will be born again. God is going to use the giving of this nation and the structure of apostles to business, as a model for others.
P.S... Australia will be like a third world nation in years to come, all because Australia has ignored the express words of the Christ who died for them. Australia will listen to popes, queens, princes, princesses, rock n roll artists, boxers, politicians, nuns, gurus.. race car drivers, golf players and so will church goers but few be they who will to listen to the Christ. God is and always will use any human for His work .. God will use rocks if He has to or a brown dog. The apostolic thrust teaching in most money making churches today is a load of corn beef. Away with such rot!

Even the world is asking the question Cindy .. Tell us, are you a church or a business, do you come in the name of Jesus the donkey riding God or gold finger???
7.. C.J... Australia has a specific anointing as a reconciling nation.
P.S... No again Cindy!.. Australia is but a piece of dirt in the water of the world which has no less or no more than any other pagan nation who adheres not to the Christs doctrine. But there is a lot of talk about reconciliation here and there. But there will never be any reconciliation of any kind in any department .. until .. one specific thing is done .. all repent and turn to the one true God .. Jesus the Christ!
8.. C.J... Australia will be a nation walking in holiness, the holiness movement is going to hit this land. There will be purity and righteousness, people set apart for God. This is going to hit the young people especially. A counter revolution of holiness and a counter culture will be established.
P.S... For this to happen God will start at His house first and He has already been rejected there/His House. People prefer.. covetous teachings, loose living and dress, high-mindedness and fame, the church goers in Australia have told God time and time again, we will do as we want and you had better back it up Jesus .. that is the attitude of the .. Word of Faith Teachers. What needs to hit the young people is the back of dad's hand and a hard days work. What will the homosexual priests, nuns, magistrates, police and church leaders think about this holiness movement?
REF: 1 Peter 4:17-19, 2 Timothy 4:3,4.
9.. C.J... Australia is a mercy heart nation, with a great sense of humour able to laugh at ourselves.
P.S... I am very sorry to tell you Cindy but God almighty doesn't laugh at sin .. He says its damnable. A mercy heart doesn't save the soul from hell fire. Did Jonah have a mercy heart?. You sound to me like you have been hanging out with roman catholics and the lets laugh it off club.
10.. C.J... A great healing of the Vietnam vets is coming .. a healing of the soul of this nation concerning Vietnam.
P.S... Whether it be vets, aboriginal, vietnamese, street people, poor or anyone else .. there can be no true lasting healing without those concerned turning away from sin and to Jesus, not a religion or some denomination but Jesus and then follow Him daily.
11.. C.J... Prayer and healing rooms will be opened across the nation.
P.S... Yes Cindy I believe that is already happening and all remains the same. My God doesn't need a room to heal me or anyone else, people love to be healthy but few want to be crucified with Him.
12.. C.J... There will be 24hr churches with prayer chapels at churches, universities and schools. This will start to shift things in the heavenlies. The lost will get saved at 2 and 3am.
P.S... The heavens don't need to be shifted it is the hearts of steel that are heavy laden with sin and self that need to be shifted and that will never happen while church leaders are preaching and teaching .. money, more, ease, fame, self esteem, build more buildings, and don't judge... 1 Corinth 5:9-13, Isaiah 58:1.




Cindy, after reading your prophecy about the land of Australia, I firmly believe that you have spoken from your own heart, you are a wishful thinker, you do not believe that Yah is in control and you are one deceived woman. You do not take God at His word .. Jesus says .. you reap what you sow .. and Australia has violated His word hence they shall reap violence. Australia has turned a deaf ear to God hence He will turn a deaf ear to them. Australia has chosen for centuries to worship idols.. swimmers, tennis players, footballers, money, their cultures and themselves hence God shall leave them to themselves, even to self destruct. And finally .. Jesus kingdom is .. not .. of this world!

Few will be they who go in the first resurrection but multitudes will no doubt come out of the .. great tribulation which shall come upon the whole of the earth .. therefore repent and be forgiven while you still have breath in your lungs, for the Spirit of God shall not strive with man forever.. flee the wrath to come and pray that you may be counted worthy when I come says the Lord God of Israel even Lord Jesus the Christ.


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