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CLICK Note: After commenting on Cindy Jacobs prophecy for Australia, in the subject found on our home page called .. Australia's Future, I felt it necessary to elaborate on what I was meaning when I said that Australia would become a third world country in time.

What I want to say is this. Australia has openly and gladly welcomed all brands of religion and gods that the world has to offer, it is this that makes for third world conditions. Show me a country in the world with many gods and who deny (the doctrine of) the only true God/Jesus the Christ and I will show you a country that is filled with trouble and hell bound....... John 16:33, Exodus 23:32,33. In God we trust....which God?..$$$$

Third world countries, are basically full of ignorance toward God/Jesus the Christ which in turn makes room for all kinds of evil to dwell. Australia has put herself in the corner or her head on the chopping block so to speak. The frog, in the water, in the pot on the stove on the simmer.

She has snared herself by being a .. man pleasing nation,.. rather than a God pleasing nation, this is her major snare/deception. And it is mirrored by the actions and attitude of the people in government, police, religious structures and across the board in society. Tolerance (towards sin) teachings, smart state teachings, we are (all sinners) the world teachings, we all serve the one God teachings and the mixing of psychology, philosophy of men and women, self esteem programs and sin has no consequences... all has contributed to the blind leading the blind all the way to hell factor.. God, please show Australia how short this present life is and how long eternity can be in hell fire and torment..Matthew 15:8,9....click

When I said that Australia would become a .. third world country.. I meant that God almighty revealed to me that Australia is a peoples who have grown up with religion on all sides but has never really known the liberty (holiness) of the Christ. Third world countries are full of religions.. Africa, Philippines, South America, India, America, Britain, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the list goes on. We, humans bring it all on ourselves .. choose you today whom you shall (obey) serve but as for me and my house we shall serve (obey) Lord Jesus the Christ!............... ......Yahweh, amen and amen!

Australia is fast becoming a nation that will be granted exactly what they are wanting, looking for .. a free spirited nation .. that is a nation that is being lead around by all kinds of spirits but not holy spirit.

Government legislation will prove to this nation in due time that Australia is destined for destruction and confusion, a nation that is in bondage to the world and the dictatorship of evil religious giants who are .. filthy rich and spiritually poor......Revelation 3:16-18.

Within Australia there is always plenty of talk about revival, revival!.. God is doing this and God is going to do that and you shall miss God if you do not attend the conference, meet, seminar or buy the ridiculously priced tape, video, book or calendar from the religious bootleggers in their designer costumes. Wake up Australia! .. 1 Corinthians 15:34.

A third world country can be and is, told anything and they believe it.. providing the spokesperson .. appears to be rich in this life or there is an appearance of people power allowed.

This is the poverty of illusion, people are always put under a illusion and are deceived by the liar and the lie, when the Christ is not their goal. God and Judge.....click

If Australia was to make the Christ their goal they would instantly be set free from the lies and delusions of satan the master of disguise, that serpent of old. All through the world and in Australia satan has peoples running about doing that which has no real connection or bearing on the saving of the soul from eternal destruction... Matthew 4:8,9. Remember the great commission?...maybe not.

While I was in the Philippines Father showed me a people who talked about God every day, they had statues of Him, they sacrificed to Him, they sang to Him, they gave to Him, (or they thought they did), they had buildings with His name on them, they had stickers and posters about Him, they had international conventions for Him. But Father said to me .. very few people in this nation really know Me!.. the God of judgment, loving kindness and righteousness... this is a third world nation.

A third world nation is a nation that thinks they know God but they don't, they have a appearance of godliness but they deny the power there of.

This is Australia .. they have and will have an appearance of godliness but daily deny the power there of.....holy ghost..

Father quickened this scripture to me in relation to Australia, the third world nation ... "there is one who makes himself rich yet has nothing and one who makes himself poor yet has great riches".. proverbs 13:7.

Please do not think for one minute I dislike Australians or the Filipino people that is not true, I love both dearly and only Father knows how much I want that none would perish in hell fire eternally. However, this is what the almighty God of heaven and earth has revealed to me. He is looking for a people who will worship Him in spirit and truth full stop! ...by the leading of holy spirit and in accord with his truth/doctrine. John 4:22-26, Colossians 2:8, 2 Timothy 2:5.

The following short story will hopefully add to the message I have for the nation of Australia ... as you read keep in mind that the poor, the third world people think that .. money .. is the answer to all their problems but it is not, Jesus is our only hope friend. Paper money will not be with us always ,there is fast approaching the day of .."the mark of the beast"... or the day of the cashless society, let us hope and pray we will not be around ... now abide faith, hope and love but do we abide/live in them?

"And He said unto them, take heed, and beware of covetousness; for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth". Luke 12:15.

The things of this world sometimes take on such undue importance that true values are lost. When this happens, God may have to show us through some dire emergency the relative worth of our cherished possessions.

This fact impressed me recently while reading about two professional football players who were caught in a blizzard in the Rocky Mountains. They were with a group of snowmobilers who had abandoned their vehicles to seek refuge from the storm. They all faced the possibility of dying from exposure unless they could find some way to stay warm. After a frantic search, they found some wood, but there was no kindling to get it burning. Their situation seemed hopeless, until one of the men suddenly came up with an idea - get a fire going with their paper money! Out came the bills in various denominations and soon a welcome blaze was started. Their financial assets had gone up in smoke, but the warmth from the fire protected them from freezing until help arrived.

My friend, help arrived for us over two thousand years ago .. how many of us will hear His word and do it that we may not deceive ourselves and end up in the eternal fire of hell?.. time is diminishing friend, it shall never grow it shall diminish. The day of Messiah's coming upon the clouds is at hand, are you hot or cold, playing religious games, building buildings or rescuing the perishing?..Acts 3:23, James 1:21,22., John 14:23.

There is going to be a .. revival ...... a revival that the world has never witnessed before. No, it shall not happen before the rapture/upward call of the saints, it shall happen within the seven year period of great tribulation that shall strike the earth. The trouble, Matthew the apostle spoke of, horror unequalled.. Matt 24:15-28. Yes, dear friend.. this is the only great and major revival we shall see upon the earth that is in the end time scripture... Rev 7:9.

  • I hope that you prepare yourself today to face the oppression ahead for if you don't you shall be overcome by evil, your money can't help you from the powers of evil nor shall you find solace in a million dollar building. Awaken! And be saved... Luke 12:16-21, John 16:33.


Pastor Paul Sheehan
Date: 26.12.01
Revised: September, 2005