who are we really worshipping and trusting?
Isaiah 2:5-22

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The first thing we need to establish is, whether there is anyone greater, more powerful, superior or above the course of nature in this case (they call it) Tsunami.

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I don't know about you but I believe there is and his name is Jesus the Christ, God manifested in the flesh the one who always was and is and is to come again........soon I believe, real soon. At a time no man or woman could imagine.

I am going to let you make your decision about the mud slides, terrorists, war, famine, pestilence and Tsunami. Don't take my word or any other man, woman or child, TV evangelist/ette, Pontiff or dead Queen/King, Idol..........(click here).

Let every man and woman be seen as liars but let the word of God/Yahweh/Jesus be true every single time.....references
Tsunami-click.gif (880 bytes) * JEREMIAH 44:9-17
* EZEKIEL 9:1-11
* ACTS 27:14, 20-25
* MATTHEW 8:23-27
* MATTHEW 14:22-31
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The scripture readings above should be enough to make it very clear to all who is the one in control and who the creator is and who is calling the shots.

The love of many will grow cold in the last days says the lord before I was born. Great apostasy will cover the earth not revival before his coming even as it was in the days of Noah but the faithful few will rejoice!..2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.

The holy bible says that in the last days he/Jesus will shake the earth one last time and all that is genuinely his will stand the rest will crumble. This shaking will not be money making churches and their leaders with rock 'n' roll concerts but a literal shaking, quaking of the earth in various places as he Jesus wills in accord to his Jesus eternal plan not men and women's pitiful little earth bound visions of grandiose.
Why did not Jesus say peace be still to the waters?
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Jeremiah 14:13-18
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