Mother Nature and Satan

When are religious people, the money lovers of Christendom and the new-age positive thinkers going to repent and turn from their false and destructive teachings?.......Ezekiel 9:1-11....(click here).


Only recently prior to the start of 2005 we all witnessed the carnage of the earthquake around Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand........Asian part of the world and as per usual mother nature was the blame......Exodus 9:13, 14.

In the days we presently live if anything doesn't go our way, the way of the flesh, degenerated mind, religious mind or traditional way it's either dumped on satan or poor old mother nature. And satan doesn't mind one bit.

TV evangelists/ettes never seem to make mention of the times and days and seasons that almighty God-Yahweh destroyed man, woman and child without the blink of an eye. Yet these same TV/Hollywood Evangelists say in parrot fashion and usually very fast.....Jesus is Lord and he doesn't change, never has and he doesn't need to....amen?.....(click here).

What a frightening shock it's going to be for most church goers and their wealthy leaders on the judgement day - the day of reckoning, all liars shall take their part in the lake of fire and brimstone....Revelation 21:8.....selah.

Mother Nature has a Father his name is Yahweh creator of everything seen and unseen hosanna in the high place, remember this every time you hear a man or woman or child blame satan or mother nature for the next disaster.

OK!....let's say it is satan or mother nature, isn't Yahweh bigger than these and of greater power and does not Yahweh control all things in accord to his perfect eternal what's the fuss? faith people.....Job 1:12.

For churches, their leaders and the degenerated world to blame satan and Mrs Nature for everything that goes wrong in life, America and in town is simply saying that God/Jesus is neither loving enough or powerful enough or able enough to stop these things from happening. But I say we all reap what we sow and we all choose our own way and standards - doctrines and beliefs. Where will your decision lead you.....the fire of hell or Jesus Kingdom?...(click here).

Next time you try to pass the buck for your sin think about what God/Jesus did with Sodom and Gomorrah, the serpents in the wilderness, the people of Noahs time, the son's of Aaron, Eli, Jezebel, Pharaoh and Egypt to mention a few.

JTCM hopes all readers will come to know the real Jesus/God in 2005
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Unprofitable Servant
Ezekiel 9:1-11, Jeremiah 21:8, Jeremiah 44:9-17........selah!
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P.S. Did you know that Jesus, the same God yesterday, today and forever can say peace to the sea and it will be still. But he chose not to didn't he?.... ........Re:Tsunami/Southern Asia, Dec ref/Matthew 8:27.