"BEN 16"
(won't be happy)
● FAX FROM / ST WILLIAMS PARISH....3855 3455/ 26.3.2007/15:50
Pastor Paul Sheehan,

I admire your energy and commitment to what you profess.

I disagree with most of your missives contents and your interpretation of scripture.

I would prefer if you refrained from sending me any further missives unrequested which come under the title of "the full counsel newsletter".

For that I would be very grateful, as I no longer read them and so it wastes my paper and your time.
Thank you

Father Frank Lourigan
   Fax / 3855 3455
   (Final Newsletter was #369)


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 ● When I rang Frank at the parish, I asked him what the word 'missives' meant and he was very quick to answer and explain. I told him that I was uneducated and untrained but I have been with Jesus and still am.....Acts 4:13.

Frank was not wanting to talk much, especially when I asked him who was the 'vicar' of Christ. His reply was Peter. Not much better than the dogooder - heretic, Vincent De Paul who prayed to Mary (not Yahweh) for help.

I then said to him that 'Ben 16' would not be happy that he gave such a reply. After all the roman catholic belief is, as far as I am aware.....the Pope in power is the 'vicar' of the Christ. And besides, Peter (as Mary) is dead isn't he?........Luke 24:5.

Frank refused to continue our afternoon chat and JTCM has removed Frank's fax number from our list, however we shall continue to pray for Frank (and all the rest of the lost) as Yahweh leads.

● Persisting to protest against Roman Catholicism and Sin.
Pastor Paul Sheehan (Saint)
1 Corinthians 1 : 27, 28. Romans 12;2



P.S. Contending ardently for the doctrine of the Christ Jesus - Yahweh........click.

Note: Paul Marshall John Sheehan was canonised a saint by Yahweh at the ripe and ready age of 30. Click