● SCENE: BUS STOP/Brisbane Suburb
● TIME: 9.00am Wednesday 9.7.2008


I have read your message, writings before, you gave me some of your literature one other time you were here preaching one morning. You are doing the work of Jesus.

Your message really 'pinches' the people and gets right down to the heart. On listening to you this morning you have really enthused me. I feel lifted up and encouraged, this is a very good message.....click.

This message will bring many to Christ but not yet the people are not down enough yet to see 'how poor they are' without Jesus as their God......Revelation 3:17-20.

It really touched my heart to hear you say that you have never had a friend like Jesus. When I read your literature it really questions the heart and how genuine it is toward Jesus.

It is great to meet a true Man of God.....click.

Richard D.
Brisbane City - Formerly of Liberia, West Africa.

P.S. Only 30mins later a Muslim (from birth) came to see and asked me to explain how to repent and know Jesus, he saw my sign/R&F. So I ministered to him and then he asked Jesus to open his eyes to the truth, I tell you the lights came on and he danced. This brothers name is Saidu he came from Sierra Leone. Books, DVD-CD and sheet teaching was provided for both brothers. Even the niece of brother Richard came along and she too got free JTCM resources, she confessed to be a backslidden christian. All three receivers of JTCM resources were amazed that 'all' products were free from charge $$$$......Selah.....click