‘CERTIFICATES’.. MMM.. No ‘Family First’ Pentecostal Message Here.

How are you all Bro. Paul, sorry to hear your singing has not improved much, but the Messages are spot on!
You know what, when I have a moment or two to myself I love to sing out aloud a Psalm or two, Holy Ghost supplies the melody (after a while) all the psalms really flow as it were. Thanks for all literature copies received and read, some items are very appropriate to what I might be thinking about from time to time.

My Web site is as good as finished BUT needs checking and improving as you would expect. Far too much content really, but it's getting a trial run as it were.

Now I came across a bit of insight as it were just recently as to who are the 'CARD CARRYING' believers and who are not - it's a bit harsh I suppose but here goes..

"Around about AD 250 Decius became Emperor - he lasted 2/3 years and died in battle. However, he took a great dislike to all Christian Believers, they were a threat he thought to Rome because they were well organised. Jews presented no problem but Christians did, so he issued a decree that all such Believers must either…

(1) Recant of their faith (2) Sacrifice immediately to the Emperor and the pagan Gods(3) Obtain proof of this by a signed statement by someone in authority. So the cat was well amongst the pigeons as the old saying goes, those who did not flee were caught and martyred, unless they had this certificate. We don't know what proportion chose to deny Christ by getting such a certificate but many did and this was by - it seems - paying for a certificate by way of bribery. They simply denied Christ whilst many were killed. Then, so history tells us when it was safe after Decius died they all applied to come back into the church but that's another story.

So the question is : today do we value Jesus so much we would do as these Christians or would we Renounce our Faith in some way, and Safeguard our Family, Job and so on?
Makes you think doesn't it? It's said of another female martyr who went to the lion pit "Perpetua... marks off the heroic limit against which all Christians can measure themselves" Sorts out the sheep and the goats, to more you think about it to more Spirit will show us.

There's me again - the Thinker, All the very best in Him, away from my little desk until about the 3rd. January
Bro. Roger Palmer/Christian Expression Fellowship .. Nottingham/UK