COMING OUT .. drawing the line.  
Greetings in response to your Mail .. ‘Affiliations With Calvinists And Deadly Doctrine Promoters’ .. click
Bro Paul …

This entry is historic, no-one has ever made contact re: Sound Fellowship, Bible Discussion etc… click

Which is what I/we hoped for. After about 10 years on their listing (Christian Witness Ministries) it's probably unlikely that anyone ever will. I know your views on CWM/Phil Powell of course and remember myself taking exception with something T.A. McMahon had written in an article re : Holy Ghost.

There are always flaws and truth laid side by side, like just about everything old Nick/Satan infiltrates. Guilty by Association ?.. Never.

But I prefer a safe/sound association - even with a 'Troubler of Israel' (er ..Paul Sheehan/Brisbane) see 1 Kings 18:17 - My listing (with CWM) will go at the end of this year. Every blessing from Him whom we serve, never men !

Bro. Roger Palmer ..
Christian Expression Fellowship .. Nottingham/UK
Bonus Read.. Sister Michelle Boiko who was just recently set free from the myths of Pentecostal-ism and the Psychology of Mrs Joyce Meyer says ..”Prior to coming to JTCM-Mission I wasted a lot of my time and money on ‘Self Help’ books of Meyer and other crooks associated with her”.. Click