Testimony of Sister Michelle Boiko ..
I was previously a “fan” of Joyce Meyer's writings and watched her TV broadcasts.

I am thankful that since I have been attending ‘Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission’ .. I have been delivered from the Half-Truths and the well Marketed Psychology of Joyce Meyer.

After listening to the preaching at Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission I realize that… these “teachings” of Joyce Meyer.. are not in line with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, for a lot of reasons but mainly I believe it is because she never mentions Repentance.

( I have been listening to a lot of her work and I can honestly say I don't remember her once preaching on Repentance).. ref/Luke 24:47.

Over the past few months Pastor Paul Sheehan has taught me that True Joy comes from Following and Serving Jesus, not listening to or reading expensive Psychology ‘sold’ as bible teachings.
I pray that all Joyce Meyer's followers will find a Teacher - Preacher to help them discover the Amazing Power of God's Forgiveness after True Repentance (something I did not hear Joyce Meyer mention), and I am thankful for Pastor Paul and his True Teachings.

Sister: Michelle Boiko
Brisbane City