Testimony of my Experience
@ JTCM-Mission…
It all started from one Church Service, on reflection, I sat down feeling very Comfortable and had my needs met (at that time) in the basic routine of Church (Shiloh-AOG in Goodna, Qld). The Word was preached and the Message was great, but I didn't feel Challenged or have the need to step out of my Comfort Zone. As milk is used to nurture the development of a baby I was over developed by eating the same food (milk only).

In May 2013 I had my first encounter with Pastor: Paul Sheehan of Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission and it was a very Uncomfortable one. I compare Pastor Paul's preaching in a humorous manner radiating from 1 Thessalonians 5:2 saying, ‘the Day of the Lord will come in the same way as a Thief in the Night’. But if you hear Pastor Paul's Preaching, he expresses that Jesus will come much more earlier than that, even 1:37pm in the afternoon ‘exactly’.

So it was his ‘Urgency of the Gospel’ that really drew me to him and his Ministry. My experiences with his Sermons are still Uncomfortable, and that's due to my Immaturity in the Spirit. But the basis of his Message is so True to the ‘Word of God’. If God's Love and Truth are shown through the Message, it doesn't matter how Innovative and Unorthodox the Channel or Medium used to deliver it .. Click

Pastor Paul’s preaching challenges my Mindsets, Strongholds and Comfort Zones. Regardless of the food that Pastor Paul feeds me which makes me feel Uncomfortable, there's no denying the fact that the Head Chef of all these Recipes of JTCM-Mission is the One and Only True God ... Jesus the Christ.

Thanks Pastor Paul.
Brother: Sam Sapolu, JTCM-Mission
Darra, Brisbane.
“And I will give you Shepherds-Pastors according to My heart, who will feed you with Knowledge and Understanding” .. ref/Jeremiah 3:15