There can be no denying it....that denial can be a fine line, especially when it comes to Religion and Righteousness, the defining of it I mean. The actual difference between the two is vast and obvious to those whose eyes have been opened by Messianic Truth, for the large majority however it is hidden from them by the Hand of God/The Christ (they are cursed with spiritual blindness as are all the disobedient - please read the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28)....Ref/.....Matthew 13:14, 15, Matthew 7:13, 14.

I actually prophesied many years back now about so called Christians in the last-days....that many....would turn to Jewish-Judaic Beliefs and customs for security, adding/stitching them onto their Christian - Beliefs thinking that these religious habits can and will enhance their walk with the Christ and their position with the Christ, bolstering them a place in the Christ's kingdom but it's all in vain. I said that this would be a sign of the nearness of the coming of the Christ on the clouds for his faithful ones. They by doing this only grieve the spirit of him who hung on the tree at Golgotha. They are in denial of the marvelous outworking of the Christ, as are the roman-catholic priests with their blasphemous-priesthood, for the sake of the pride, glory and honour of mere humans, a most heinous crime indeed. They call Jesus a liar and say ....."No!...Jesus! is not finished with what you have done at Calvary's Tree" is ours to add to your effort and help you in our false- humility by our Judaic-Gentile religious might and power. So Jesus allows these deluded men and women to build their own denominational - churches/sanctuaries and he continues to build his church. A church that is not harnessed with...known - sin, a holy remnant which resides outside the Gates of Devilish - Delusion. Multiple trips to Israel-Jerusalem and Bethlehem can never and will never circumcise the religious-sinfilled hearts of hell-bound humans. Whether it be jew or gentile, siding with sinners and those who make a showing in the flesh seasonally, denying the deliverer, forsaking Christ and the deliverance he provided for us from all sins and the trickery of satan and his spirits, is not Salvation...Let us Glory in the Cross not in jews or gentiles of any persuasion, neither in cities, nations, race or religious-denomination...Ref/Galatians

Denial is blatantly a part of the End - Time - Apostasy and no one can apostatise from...abandon, something that they were never associated with hence...Salvation can be Forfeited...even though Christendom Churches refuse defiantly and stubbornly to acknowledge this. Yet many do pretend to, but in reality they are only playing the religious field in 'true religious - coward fashion' deceiving the already deceived, the unlearned and the gulls, who are the lions share of the earth's peoples as it stands today. Who shall we side with Barabbas or the rejected Messiah???????.....2 Thessalonians

We can choose to please Jew/mere humans with their religious concoctions and grieve God or we can choose to be circumcised of the heart with the doctrine of the Christ by holy ghost power entering his rest where no more Sabbaths of Judaic proportions exist for it is all by.....Faith - Obedience to Messiah...the very same Messiah the Jews of the now Jerusalem rejected and forfeited the Peace that surpasses the understanding of the mind, for the sake of their religious traditions, feasts, Shadowy-Passovers and even their nationality and culture....o, how the Christ longed for them to enter 'the rest of his finished work at the tree'......through love-obedience to his message/word/doctrine but they were simply too proud, stubborn and rebellious. Yes, just like the Christendom mobs of today, they too lack Messianic-Peace through denial of the Christ's Doctrine and his prophets ...Ref/.....penetcostals, jesuits, judaism, evangelicals, orthodox , roman catholics, baptists, seventh - day adventists, mormons, Jehovah - witnesses etc..etc...etc...Hebrews 4:1-10.

Denial is said to be ...."to put something/someone away as untrue or refusing to acknowledge truth, usually for self-ones own sake"...and don't we have a glut of this kind of behaviour when it comes to ..the doctrine of the Christ verses Orthodox-Religious  (make believe) teachings of men and women. Actually there be no competition, for the Christ nailed it all to the tree, once and for all, unbeknown to most. Enter
sabbaths, tithing, paper- credentialing for ministers, along with so called Christian church leaders waiting for pagan –Australian-government approvals  and acceptance  before  swearing in a so called minister and officiating  him and recognising him as a man of God..which God?  What true prophet of Yahweh ever conducted himself in such a manner?......Ref/2 Timothy 2:12, Ephesians

It grieves God/Jesus the Christ that professing born-agains would backtrack into the Shadow of Judaising just to please unrepentant - jews, certainly contrary to what the true - jew St. Paul practiced ..ref/Galatians 1:10. We are to pray for Israel and Jerusalem and now you know why. Messiah is coming back to tread out the grapes of wrath/the peoples of all nationalities who have made him angry by rejecting his words/doctrine for he/Jesus places his word above his own name....ref/Acts

So instead of Passover - Meals and jewish delicacies, feasts, days, months, the year of this and that let us all willingly and lovingly go with him/Mashiah, outside the religious gates, leaving the Shadows of religion behind and laying hold of what the Christ has laid hold of for us at the tree, then everything will be Kosher with the Christ. Faith in the Christ is obedience to his doctrine and nothing less, which is free from Judaic - Demands and apart from that Covenant of old which is vanishing and obsolete. Yes, the New Covenant is all about Jesus the Christ...the Jesus who the jews of the now Jerusalem rejected outright. However, there is good-news, Yahweh is going to show mercy to a 'Remnant of Jews' just as he will to a remnant of gentiles, breaking down the wall of division between them through his Blood, making them one body his own special peoples and save them from eternal-hell. The jews never gave us Jesus as many deluded weak-kneed church leaders say.....Father did...there is no glory for man, woman or race, not even for Mary the mother of the man Jesus, let us Glory in the Cross......ref/.....Hebrews 8:13, Romans 9:27.....Ephesians 2:14-18....Selah.

His mercy endures forever! holy ghost will not put up with men and women in their sin forever, there needs be repentance, repentance that Jesus recognises...2 Timothy 2:19.

Pastor Paul Sheehan, child of the most-high God/Yahweh...Romans 2:29
5th April 2010

PS.....To forsake Christ, apostatize and deny the to go to church on Sunday/Saturday in known sin/unrepentant, tithe, keep feasts, festivals, Sabbaths and keep in tune with the religions of the world, fellowship with darkness/liars, protect the unrepentant-sinner inside churches and outside while brandishing so proudly a religious-credential-card, live in the old covenant ways/disrespecting the cross and despising him who hung there.....while claiming Jesus as Lord or is that 90% Lord........Luke

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