(a real eye opener)

Karen Hetherington:

One religious woman's prophetic (pathetic) vision................

● Claimed that John Howard is God's Man for the moment (a man sent of God) for Australia, even John the baptist........John 1:6. How absurd..........ref/click.

● He 'will' give the mantle to Costello.......said in 1990. This woman cried out apparently in an Aboriginal tongue Hon/Peter Costello PM Elect of Australia, (God Inspired).

If God did send Mr. Nalliah of AOG to anoint Costello for office/PM I would hardly think that Mr. Howard or Costello would have to fight tooth and nail, dollar and cent for this position once a 'prophet' had spoken.

Never can we read of any man 'called of God' having to fight and beg a Godless society to receive them as leader. Once God the true God/Jesus calls a man to a position, it is done and sealed no amount of pretension is needed.......ref/Howard - Costello Buddy - Friendship Show, Peter likes Holden's and John likes Ford's, remember?

And the greatest giveaway was the desperate bid of one of the biggest con men in religious circles worldwide, Ken Copeland, who stepped in with his 'penny' of wisdom and got on the 'power of suggestion' band wagon too........Click.

Mr. Copeland has a track record as a leading prophetic voice among false prophets and false people  worldwide. His typical loud mouth American way fits in beautifully with all liars, thieves and ecumenical church leaders world wide. To view but a few of Mr. Copeland's core teachings is to be convinced that this man, his family and associates are totally deceived and don't present the gospel of Jesus the Christ at all but present a new-age-positive-thinking-business, wrapped in price tags and bar

Copeland like Hinn, Meyer, Savelle, Duplantis, Price, Murdock and the lists continues to grow......are clouds without rain, twice dead and uprooted, peddlers of bible passages and have the people hoodwinked, well and

I am so blessed and fully convinced as each day goes by that there are two churches in the world and people are taking their position just as Father said it would be. Politics and Religion are beautiful draw cards when it comes to fishing the snakes out of the grass. At least we can see more clearly who's who in the Australian (political and religious) zoo. To see Mr. Nalliah puppy dogging for Copeland and Stringer, Howard and Costello only spells out to me what I thought of the man when I first read one of his articles.

As for that silly woman Hetherington and her so called vision of Howard she needs to repent from a lying tongue and subject herself to a Godly Pastor and be taught.

All I can hear when I read the words of Hetherington is the puffed up voice of false prophetesses such as Paula White and Cindy Jacobs full of froth and bubble.

● Wake up Australia You're on the Ecumenical Road to Eternal Hell Fire on a hyper bus called 'positive thinking', fueled by the power of suggestion.

Ken Copeland's prophecy 26 October 2007 is a long way off target as are nearly all Copeland's words. He said other religions and beliefs won't rule in Australia and Howard won't let them. It's too late Ken, Buddha, Mormons, Mohammed, Anglicanism, and various other false versions of christianity are already thriving and Howard with Costello go along with it. It's all about votes. Appellate Tribunals have more say than Jesus and come to think of it I can not recall John or Peter making mention of God speaking from the heavens through his 'Ecumenical Prophet - Danny Nalliah' who declared John and Peter to rule. Neither have I heard the name Jesus come from the lips of Howard or Costello (throughout the entire election) referencing Jesus (the Lord of Lords as they call him) prophetic appointment. Hence Howard and Costello are no more biblical christians than Rudd and Mrs. Stokes of 'Salt Shakers' (without salt) is not understanding the current issues regarding this mud slinging, dirt digging, devilish mangled maligning mess called Election 2007. My God-Jesus, says the liar is not allowed in His

Seven News/4.30pm/22.11.07 told the nation once again of the dishonest tactics of the Howard-Liberals letter-boxing 'false' anti-Muslim pamphlets depicting Labor as Muslim haters. Surely people can see the faithless desperation of Howard and Costello and how these religious prophesies of Nalliah, Copeland and some woman who lives in a cave are all just emotional hype and the power  of suggestion garnished with wishful thinking. Just well-fed flesh.

When God anoints men to a position, those men don't need to be dishonest, deceitful, make up stories and stitch God's name on them, neither are they fearful and faithless thinking they may or may not win the election.....James 1:6-8.

If Mr. Nalliah of AOG and Mr. Copeland of USA are true prophets with a true word, Mr. Howard and Mr. Costello would be spruiking about their win already. But because Howard and Costello have no faith in Nalliah who anointed Costello they continue to speak out of their mouth....."We might Win"......"We could Win"...."We don't Know Yet"......."It's up to the Australian people". (God/Jesus gets no mention).

But Mr. Nalliah told Costello "thus says the lord"!!!!!!! it's a done deal, does Costello not believe Nalliah's lord or does Costello just not believe Nalliah or does Costello simply let it all go on for a few more votes from the 'Religious - Positive Thinking Camp' Aust/USA. Ken won't be happy with John and Peter speaking negative but then again John likes Ford and Peter likes Holden.

I reckon a good strong cup of Billy Tea will go well, I need it.
Pastor Paul Sheehan


P.S. The Col Stringer/Copeland email prophecy dated 26.7.2007 is clearly contradictory of what Australia is and will be.....many cultures, many religions, many beliefs and many God's. At the end of the day this Election 2007 has proven that the hearts of sinful men and women are deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know what they will try their hand at about an Irish Rock Singer as Ambassador for Brisbane?.......sound christian?.........Bob Geldof.

It is (the Imperial Marriage of) Government and Churches playing the deceitful game of (prostitution) you use us and we will use you no holds barred, all Santy's welcome whatever the gender even trans-gender. This way we shall all go away with what we want. Ultimately a One - World Church and a One - World  Government in unity and harmony (but not with Jesus) and to make things sail a little smoother we'll put it all under the name of 'God'.....well everything else is getting stuck there why not?



This article is not about politics but it is once again about the 'root' major thrust of JTCM which is.........honesty, truth, humility and most of all Jesus the Christ as preeminent.......Colossians 1:17, 18.

● Mr. Copeland, Danny Nalliah, Karen Hetherington and Col Stringer all spoke from their own wicked hearts and lied.........24.11.2007. What a waste of a bottle of olive oil, I'm sure Costello would agree. But John likes Ford and Peter likes Holden.......remember?


Mr. Nalliah of the AOG Religion is behaving like a true AOG church leader, a deceitful liar and the plain truth is he expects people to believe him once again, I think he had one too many meets with Howard.

● Article/The Age 1.11.2007....

God told Nalliah to "prophetically prepare" Mr. Costello as the future Prime Minister of Australia.

Catch the Fire Ministries/Office 2 29.11.2007.......

The voice of the lord came to me....."Why are you downcast, rise up and fight, the word you received was from me says the Lord".

"I will boldly declare that Howard will be re-elected.......If!......If!......If!.......If!......the body of Christ unites in prayer and action".

"Did you vote them in"???????


● Comment: JTCM

It is very clear that Mr. Nalliah and his false prophet friends Copeland and Hetherington are trying to play and win the blame game, actually he is trying to dump his failure to speak the truth on every professing christian in the land.

What Mr. Nalliah has done with his latest article "Did I get it Wrong"?, he has made it clearer than ever that he is deceived, he is hearing from a voice/spirit other than holy ghost and he is in damage control.

For Mr. Howard to (now) hand the mantle to Costello and for Costello to wear the golden crown of leadership and lead Australia into revival is a total impossibility. For this reason.........Lies can never be honoured by the God of all truth.......Ref/John 4:23, 24.

Mr. Nalliah, if he is being persecuted, it is not for 'righteousness' sake but because he 'lied and falsified' the voice of Yahweh, this is very dangerous.

* Hosea 6:5
* 30.11.2007