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bp.gif (43 bytes) I was digging around in a mag the other day and ran across this quote from the (so called) late great Ken Hagin........alias, apostle, prophet, teacher and daddy of the faith (fake) movement.
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  • KH: "Evidently God had faith in his faith"
    The Watchman Fellowship 2000.

    As if God would need faith. I mean an almighty God needing and relying on a substance, how stupid can you get without being stupid?
  • I guess that Ken Copeland got his 'God needs faith' stuff from Hagin.......click.

    Many have called Hagin a watchman. I have no doubt that Hagin would have had many (rolex) watches but to call him a watchman of Yah is ludicrous......click.
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  • Especially after reading his (KH) quote above. Mr Hagin without doubt had as his saviour the other Jesus that St Paul spoke about just like all the faithful Hagin puppies of the faith (fake) movement.

    And just for the records....God/Yah/Jesus never spoke words of faith he spoke words of life. The word of Yah is life, spirit, even the way and truth but never has it ever been known as faith.......(maybe word of faith).
  • Faith comes by hearing the word.....of life, Faith is a substance, always has been and always will be. Father made this substance available for human beings, he, Yahweh doesn't need any substance for 'he is! Faith and Word are separate.
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  • And if you really believe that he is, which Mr. Hagin did not (neither does any man or woman who places price tags and bar codes on books, audio, video, CD or DVD) you will not only please Father but he will eventually reward you, providing you are diligent.........Hebrews 11:6, Romans 11:22......

    He may even save your soul from eternal hell              .........Philippians 3:11
  • He hewn them with his prophets!
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Hosea 6:5