and the Church of the Second Command"

Channel Ten/6.00pm news said it this way......"let's keep calling on (praying to) the 'Ancient Water Spirits' (plural) as the PM asked".....8.5.2007
Because of the vast shortage of rain (spiritual and natural) in Australia/the great south land of paganism, imaginations are tending to run a little wild. The truth is exaggeration is the subtle word for lies, unbeknown to some....click.

I was looking at certain reports of particular religions and churches in the land regarding Mr. Howard/PM requesting all to pray for rain. But then again the Dalai Lama asks people to pray too doesn't he? Many at this time are looking to the heavens for rain obviously but how many are looking to Jesus, especially the Jesus out of the holy bible?....click.

Some have viewed Mr. Howard as a king (from OT bible days) and a particular AOG church leader, Danny Nalliah as 'playing' the part of a prophet but would a true prophet of God/Yahweh be involved with a king or pretend-king who is not prepared to announce that immorality and homosexuality is damnable in the sight of the Holy God who they are supposedly asking the nation to pray to.....Mark 6:18. Or is everyone just simply looking to the heavens/sky for 'Mother Nature' or 'the big fella' (whoever that is) to do something or maybe "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"! ??????....click.

We hear quotes like "prayers for rain answered"...but yet the daily news, the local councils and the weather report tighten their belts daily as things worsen across the nation, suicide, thieving water and pipes bursting because the roots are drying out. Not to mention cloud seeding and psychics looking to termites for hope and direction .....Isaiah 47:13.

It is surely reminiscent of Mr. G W Bush and his (invisible) weapons of mass destruction hiding out in Iraq, not forgetting his victory sermon on the war in Iraq (that he has lost at a great cost to loved ones and the tax payers of USA).

We must be clear to understand that Mr. Howard did request that Australia should be praying for rain but I for one never read anywhere in any of his addresses where John directed the nation to and named the true God and the only God that owns the clouds outright......Jesus the Christ.....have you?.....click.

I suppose a little jig is suffice for the odd bucket of water trickling from Yahweh's heavenly reservoir but Australia can not expect to (river-dance) see real rain until the message of "repentance from sin and turning to the only wise true God, Jesus the Christ" is saturating the land. It is then that you will find the nation and the angels of heaven dancing in the streets.....glory halleluyah!

But because of the idol-god called 'positive thinking' the country along with the politicians and the churches go off with the pixies and God has many names and teachings outside of the holy bible and all roads lead to Rome and that very same road 'apparently' leads to Heaven the heaven where Yahweh Lives. Actually the Mother of Harlots the Roman Catholic System calls Rome the 'Eternal City'. Apparently, the RC - Mary is the one to call upon when in trouble she also is the one who leads people to Christ (FR. K. Byrne). This is something to think about in your spare time, if you have any left after you finish performing your religious rituals....click...click.

For John Howard to openly request all Australians to pray (specifically) to the God of the wind, rain and all creation, Jesus the Christ, would not be politically correct......government wise or religion wise. It would certainly be out of touch and insensitive towards the 'gods' of 98% of Australia. This is only a rough estimate, it could very well be more than 98% today....ref/football, cricket, self, fishing, fashion, religions of men, culture, real estate, education and holidays.......Proverbs 30:4.

Hence, all we are left with is an arrangement as follows which resembles and is a One-World Church with a subtle thrust of course.....

● Christians from 'many' churches (with many doctrines) re-build the walls of Aussie Nation: Surely an umtempered mortar job....Ezekiel 13:15-17.

Anglicans/Church of England, Baptists, Presbyterians, Brethren, Lutherans, Roman Catholics, AOG, CRC, CCC and the Independent Pentecostals and many more as they say......(who will surely show their face in time).

Can you start to imagine what the walls are going to look like with such a list of shoddy, irreverent builders as the above,,,,crikey!....and to think that certain ministries under the heading of 'watchmen ministries' contenders for Christ's doctrine they say, some with women at the helm are right behind the whole stinking movement, which is, according to the holy bible, totally contrary to what Messiah Orders. Which is very clear to the most unlearned bible student....."Come Out From Among Them"! and their fanciful collection of men and  women's doctrines, then I will not only hear you but I will also own you......2 Corinthians 6:17....click

It all reminds me of when the 'Gay Movement' decided to rise up and publicise a statement of 'gay pride' which is their choice of course. Now we have the denominational spirits (plural) rising up and taking a stand for their own personal (true) religious beliefs regardless to what Jesus says and , voila!....enter the One-World Church, the one I call "The Church (who tell the world of their charitable deeds daily....Matthew 6:1-4) of The Second Command"......with the Mother Church at the helm, The Roman Catholic Church. Just as the prophecy of the Christ Mashiah proclaimed so it is, he is omniscient....click

Surely this letter is in step with Yahweh's Prophetic Purpose for 2007, it's going to be heaven in 2007, providing we get rid of the leaven, surely a good opening line for the king and the prophet at their next engagement if they want 'Jesus to be for Australia' on the judgement day....amen...click.

Raining on the 'positive thinkers' parade......Acts 3:19
Pastor Paul Sheehan

P.S... One thing is obvious to all who have eyes to see and that is the road Mr. Howard has chosen is on par with George Bush in his christian beliefs which is typically American-style-christianity......"in God we trust and believe, it's just that we do things our way and that's OK.....you ask George".....click.

They do make a lovely couple George and John, kind of like Robin Hood and little John and if Amanda Vanstone would have stuck around she could have played Friar Tuck......click.