(these were the words of US/TV fund raiser- James Robison of the 'Life' show 27.9.05)
  • And I believe no truer words have been spoken about the harlot and her children.
  • Whereas James Robison was actually talking about so called christian unity.
The prophets of Baal are gathering together, all over the world the spirit behind Baal is moving like never before. Maybe I should explain it this way...the one-world church is coming together at an alarming rate. And the best friend of the one-world church, the one-world government is also making huge headway (in the guise of 'one nation under God' - but which god?) on the international scene. (Roman Catholics, Penetecostals, One-time Protestants, Evangelicals and the Charismatics).
I can not help but notice the increase in back slapping amongst politicians and religious church leaders. All roads do lead to the place known as the eternal city - Rome, save one and that is the narrow, straight and difficult road which few are able (allowed to) find, although many, many have sought but few find......Luke 13:24, Acts 15:8. 
All of the human support in the universe will never compare with the support that comes with the donkey riding God-Jesus the Christ. Four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal lined themselves up against the one true prophet of Yah and were put to shame and executed....1 Kings 18:20-40....selah.
Syrian armies came against Israel outnumbering them by the literal tens of thousands yet Father gave victory to his followers. little is much in masters!!

Let me remind you that church buildings will multiply, numbers will increase who attend and back slapping will be the order of the day but Jesus the Christ's word will never fall to the ground and he/messiah said.....there will be a falling away from the faith, the doctrine of the Christ and that there would be great apostasy.....Selah!

We are more clearly known by our associations and affiliations
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Amos 5:8-10

Belated P.S...Mr Robison along with his bedfellows such as Creflo Dollar, David Wilkerson (who is one of his latest recruits on his show) TD Jakes, Rick Warren and Paula White, to mention but a few, all no doubt subscribe to the celebration of unity without truth and the Jesus with the 'unconditional' love, grace and!!!