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(Prop - support, hold up, sustain)

The day of Pentecost and the Pentecostal churches are as far apart as heaven is from hell fire.....I am sure the holy remnant would agree. The Pentecostal churches are propped up by the mighty dollar where as the holy remnant (with her unheralded needs) is stationed on the rock Jesus the Christ. The holy remnant is not reliant on bar codes and dollars to keep their message travelling.....(click here).

Pentecost was a matter of a day not a man made institution based on unscriptural, unsound, unholy, unrighteous and undeniable heresies.
$ As one so called Pentecostal teacher Joyce Meyer says.....if you want to increase your anointing just give more money, if you want to increase your anointing just love people more and care about people more.
Hence we have a God, who is governed by mere men and women's flaky beliefs. We find with Mrs Meyer's teaching that nearly always she has this selfish disposition in her character of..........getting more....(click here).

As she says, me and my husband, he and I have suffered much to get where we are.....and where is that? Like where are we if we have not the true doctrine of the Christ?....Take away the $$ buying and selling and what's left?
  • Where are we and what are we if we have only a look-alike Jesus with an unholy (covetous) spirit leading us?.....(click here).
Even as the Roman Catholic Church likes to see herself as The Church of the Christ so does the pitiful cheque book pinching Pentecostals see themselves as the last day - end times spiritual giant that shall rule the earth with business savvy minds.......(click here).

It might be a little sobering for the Hinns, Meyer's, Savelles and Duplantis's not to mention the Schullers to remember that the all great Roman Catholic Pontiff in Rome could buy them all out and over and over many times when it comes to monies, gold and silver. So where is their false teaching going to sit about Jesus making the faithful, the obedient, the generous and the tithers rich with this worlds goods?....Revelation 2:9.

Pope John Paul draws crowds like no one else on the earth and we never see Pope John Paul with daily, weekly or ongoing air-time trying to make a name for himself, trying to make it happen do we? Neither do we hear of the Pontiff begging for monies, it is said that he has around 12 palaces and his houses would make the Pentecostal pirates, prosperity teachers houses and possessions look like outback toilets. So where to now?

If anyone was to ask how to get materially rich and prosper in the things of the earth they would be better to ask the Pope for a tip or two. The Pope can not even speak a full sentence clearly just a mumble and a grumble and he gets a gathering you can not count in one session. The anointing must be strong of this John Paul fellow. Wake up Australia you have been deceived by deceiving spirits. The holy ghost is not a denomination he is God who has no part with unholiness neither has holy ghost ever (old or new testament) been a promoter of selling the oracles of Yahweh for the upkeep of the body of the Christ/His Church.
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Can you truly believe that God almighty is moved to increase the anointing on a persons life after they give more money?......and money is usually sent, given to the already rich. It's all lies and confusion for Jesus said not to give to the rich but the poor.
  • He who gives to the rich will surely come to 22:16.
The Pentecostal churches or the plenty-cost churches are no doubt the laodecian church resurrected - rich, increased with goods needing nothing but more, more, more. And is this not the desires, aims, visions and goals of not just the Pentecostals and evangelicals today but even the world itself.

Frightened to death of being in need of money, things, materialistics, foods, jobs, monies to pay for their TV programs and radio times and Jesus is nowhere near the microphones, drums, electric guitars and dance programs.

Jesus said that these kind of churches and church leaders and goers are only but vomit in his mouth that he will spew out and not receive as his people if they do not repent and turn from their wicked ways....(click here).

Check today to see what you really are, for Jesus will judge all for what they really are not for what you think you are or what anyone else thinks you are........

A foolish woman is clamorous (loud, noisy) she is simple and knows nothing!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Proverbs 9:13
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Note: Humility always makes way for repentance. If we humble ourselves before Jesus he then will allow us to bear the fruits worthy of true repentance all the rest is just hardy truth-resistant weed seed theology sold for not a small price $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ USD..........2 Chronicles 7:14.
P.S. Jonah was no money giver or people lover but he eventually won an entire city (ninevah) for God....Jonah 1:1-3.

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Question: Do you know of any love preacher, teacher, prosperity gospel peddler who has won an entire city for Yahweh?