(purple, scarlet, gold, precious stones, pearls, golden chalice in her hand)
Revelation 17:4 - RCC


1 Corinthians 6:16

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Ben Hinn (a one time AOG minister and one I have warned myriads about for the past 16 years)has finally come forward and confessed his true heart felt feelings  and beliefs about the Roman Catholic System, the Roman Catechism and his old friend (the late great) Pope John Paul 8:21.

The true colours are shining through here for all (who are willing) to see. CNN News Report/April 7 - 2005 went something like this........
  • BH said that God is making his power known to the world through this funeral. Karol was a great Pope, (apparently a man of God).
  • BH (who received a VIP invite) said that the presence of the lord Jesus was so thick at the (private) service for Vatican staff he
  • BH said that Pope John Paul II brought millions to Christ.
  • BH said that he had the honour of meeting the Vice Mayor of Rome and she gave him such a warm greeting, Ben said this woman felt like his sister, there was such closeness.
  • BH then started to talk about the great...."Unity"....which was being brought about through this dead Pope, absolutely awesome Ben says, it's time for all, all, Ben said all denominations and churches to be one......(kind of like a 'One-World Church'. A mixed bag so to speak.
  • Ben says that we are all one with the Roman Catholic Church, we all worship the same God.( JTCM not included by choice).
  • Ben asked for so called christian (TV) viewers to pray that the election of the next Pope would be in the will of God, but what does Jesus say about the RCC/Vatican/Rome,the Eternal city, read it for yourself in Revelation 17:1-18.....selah!

    In summary Ben Hinn is no better than Balaam of Beor (not that Ben was ever a prophet) and has been snared by the evil one satan in the exact same way the first woman - Mrs Eve of Eden was.......Click!
Recorded CNN TV - April 7/2005
Screened on Aust/TV (this is your day show) 19.05.2005.

Watching on, from outside the gate.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Hebrews 13:13


P.S..If church leaders refuse to believe or see that the RCC is the 'Mother of Harlots' spoken about in Revelation 17 of the Holy Bible, well who is the writing talking about?
  • Is there a false/apostate church?
  • What denominations and beliefs does this false church hold in her clutches?
  • Who are the congregation and leaders of the 'One-World Church'?
These are some necessary questions you need to ask your Pastor or intended Pastor for your own souls sake.