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(the husband knows whether the woman is his wife, she obeys him) even as the true church (bride, wife of the Christ-Husband) obeys him......Hebrews 5:9, Luke 6:46

Testimony of
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Mrs Juvy Margen Sheehan

MERCY FROM ME. Psalm 66:20.


Dear Reader,

Jesus said to Nicodemus ... you must be born again... Nicodemus said to Jesus.... how can a man be born when he is old ...can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born? John3:4.

This says it all, to everyone and for all times. Jesus was talking to a somebody here, in fact, Jesus was talking to ... THE TEACHER OF ISRAEL! ... JOHN 3:10.

I was raised in the Philippines/Bacolod City and I was just as ignorant of the truth as this teacher of Israel, Nicodemus. I was raised to believe in the ROMAN CATHOLIC SYSTEM and had no true fellowship with Jesus at all, why? ...because I was one of millions who thought that Mary could save me. The Bible says that Jesus is saviour and has no and needs no co-redeemer.........click

I, like all young people, waltzed through the stages of youth ...disco, rock 'n roll, seeking the highest education available, looking for mister right in all the wrong places, rebelling against my parents because of my own selfish desires and the list goes on. After all my feeble little efforts were exhausted. I came to a dry, lifeless, lonely, empty end. My religion, friends, dreams and hopes were all in vain.

For God so loved the world ... that he gave His only begotten Son ... that whoever  believes (believes means obey) in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16.

God did not give us a religious system ...HE GAVE HIS SON/JESUS, that we may have a personal relationship with Him and that we may live with Him in heaven forever. Heaven is real and so is hell, no matter how educated we are, no matter how rich, religious or hard working ...we cannot enter heaven unless we obey Jesus and be ...born again. All of us were born in sin, rich and poor, great and small ...there is no club, society, religion, organisation or church that can promise us nor provide us with a position in heaven. Jesus shed His Blood at the Cross of Calvary for all who would call on His Name ...REPENT AND BE FORGIVEN.   ... CLICK

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Let us Pray,
Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, please forgive me of all my sin, come into my heart right now and save my soul ... Thank you Jesus for saving my soul from eternal destruction ...............Romans 10:13.

My friend, to receive Jesus as saviour is only the beginning, we all must pick up our cross and deny ourselves daily, following Jesus/Messiah to the very end. Jesus has no pleasure in them who go back to the world.

REF: ROMANS 11:22 * HEBREWS 10:26.

Published 1997