Unity by Statues


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(what does Luke 8:21 say?)

DURING THE MONTH OF MAY............2004
We have had many reports on our TV both local, national and international news plus various current affairs programs telling us all very clearly how deceived and how blinded people and church structures are today....John 12:40.

One of Australia's most recent claims from the religious world is a favourite from old.......bleeding statues....Colossians 3:1, 2.

The Vietnamese Roman Catholic Church/Inala, Brisbane recently claimed that a statue of Jesus Christ was found bleeding in their temple. This apparently drew many a spectator and got a few extra to church on Sunday.......Matthew 12:39.

One woman said that this bleeding statue was responsible for the now growing unity among the people. She said that it was instrumental in uniting people of all nationalities and backgrounds.......(click here).

One of the saddest news reports I have witnessed on Channel 10 for sometime. True biblical, lasting unity, will never and can never, come from any other source than .....all parties concerned walking on the straight and narrow road otherwise known as the unadulterated truth or the Doctrine of Jesus the Christ, God and Saviour of the entire earth at least for those out of the earth that dare to obey.........Hebrews 5:9, John 13:1.

One more reminder from the watchman
Pastor Paul Sheehan
2 Thessalonians 2:9-12.

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Note: The Roman Catholics, Pentecostals,Australian Idol Worship and Reality (performance) TV are real sticklers for crowd pleasing and crowd drawing but what will they do in the end is my only question?......Jeremiah 5:31.(click here).