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clickorange.gif (1097 bytes) The ....IT'S TIME PUBLICATION....prizes itself on its non-denominational thrust seeing itself as a prophetic voice in the communities. Calling Australia a Christian nation but sadly being led by humanists. And they say that it's going to be a mighty spiritual battle to bring Australia back to Biblical Principles....( I never knew they were ever holy)
Here are a couple of the subjects raised and touched on within this so called prophetic voice paper............
SUBJECT HEADING......Homosexuals recruiting in our schools!

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......And in the government and in the Army and in the Navy and in the Air-Force and in the marriages of heterosexuals and in the nunneries and in the priest hood and in the hoodlums and in the office workers and in the sports arenas and in the child welfare system and in the court houses and in the police stations and in the baker, butcher  and candle stick makers, Subway, KFC, Hungry Jacks,, Burger King, Coles, Woolworths, Target, Myer, David Jones, Channel Ten, Nine, Seven, Briz/31, Radio Stations and the list goes on even into the  churches whether pulpit or congregation whether known or undercover........1 Corinthians 5:9-13.
SUBJECT HEADING......What's behind the push for the republic?

......The same thing that is behind a country with a pagan headship with an Anglican attitude that reeks of sexual immorality and witchery....a road that leads to hell fire and brimstone.....(click here).

......What did St. Paul the apostle of the Christ say to St.Timothy in his second letter, second chapter and the fourth verse?......
clickorange.gif (1097 bytes) St.Paul said: No one engaged in warfare entangles or busies themselves with the affairs of this present life so that they may please Jesus......amen?
The so called prophetic voice of the.....IT'S TIME totally about that, the affairs of this present life. I believe it's time for Mr and Mrs Smyth along with their associates to do a bit of bible reading.

(no one engaged in warfare (spiritual) involves themselves in such action).

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Here we have John and George in fellowship together. George is teaching John how to point the finger with authority. John is a little shy and doesn't think he can really do it. So George says....John boy, it's just like lookin' down the barrel of a M16 Armalite Weapon. And don't forget to put on a mean face, the children you're aiming the rifle at will be more scared than ever.

I often look at this picture and think of the wonders of these two "great" leaders....John, a professing Christian who visits churches as he pleases and reckons that it doesn't really matter what religious stance a man has who is going for the office of Prime Minister. The main thing is, can he keep the nation afloat? John doesn't only have a tolerance for the gay lifestyle in the community but he also makes way for the Masonic Lodge People, neat hey?

And George the now close buddy of John, well, he has the upper hand in life to start with being a Texan. George also loves to visit Japanese Temples and pay homage to the dead. George too is a Christian with a multitude of so called Christian supporters - the coalition of the willing who are not willing to repent and turn from their known sins.....(click here).

Just before I push on I would like to mention a little quote of Prince Charles, I heard on the national TV News the other night around 22.11.2004. Charles said that we, leaders (whether school, government or church) should never go around telling people that they can attain to a position, post in life that is obviously out of their reach and call. My heart rejoiced over that and I leapt with joy. But the next day or two later the TV told me another story and said that Charles had been misunderstood and he didn't really mean what he said in that text. I then became very sad for Charles, for it was obvious that Charles meant exactly what he said in the first place. I could not and would not follow a man of that mind. Word Play is the name of the game in the end time......(click here).
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I really must push on now for I feel.....IT'S speak out on yet another issue that faces our churches and we at JTCM do this always with the hope of seeing fruit worthy of repentance.

God save the Queen!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10
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JTCM sends a big thanks to Mrs D Smyth for sending us a copy of their $2 publication free, it was a real learning time.....................
John 18:36.