.....positive thinking or faith.


The story of Adam and Eve has served our almighty God / Yah well to explain the issues of life and the spiritual downfall of
mankind for centuries.

The devil / satan, told Eve to basically......think positive .......did he / the devil not tell Eve all the advantages of eating from the tree in the midst of the garden of Eden?

Satan is no doubt the ....god of positive thinking .......the very same god that the new age movement is governed by.

Satan told Eve to........think about it, how well off you will be, how great you will be and think of how good it will taste and how pleasant it looks and how wise you will be.......just think about it.

The devil knows just how to get at the woman and the man. In Genesis chapter three verse six the woman was overtaken by ...... appetite / good for food, pleasing, agreeable / pleasant to the eyes and selfish ambition / desirable to make one wise. These are the ingredients for failure, misery and separation from the presence of God. Positive thinking consists of carnal appetites, pleasant presentations and selfish ambition.

Positive thinking and positive thinkers never really are able to come to the knowledge of the truth about themselves hence never really find deliverance from the demands of the flesh, the enticements of the eyes and the mighty I syndrome..no dear reader they hang out of the self esteem club all their lives and thrive on the positive thinking sermons that they pay top dollar for and may even pay eternally for in the place called hell fire.


Jesus told the entire world to pick up their cross and follow him and he said this so that we could then walk right into his love, joy, peace, power, truth and eternal life. There are many things about the cross that may seem negative not positive to carnal people whether that be professing christian or heathen but I want you to know that the cross has nothing to do with positive or negative......its all about faith, grace and heaven.....glory halleluyah!

Don't let the god of positive thinking lead you to the positively horrifying place called separation from God.......hell fire, put on the mind of the Christ and walk by faith and you will never look back again.......amen.

Did you not know that it was not an arab or a yank or a german or a jew who was responsible for the first war?...it was a woman of no nationality her name was Eve. So if you are angry today about the slaughter of innocent men, women and children don't blame the arab, yank, german, jew, white man, black man, rich man or poor man, blame the woman Eve and then you shall be judgeing righteous judgement..............When in doubt go to the book of Genesis.

Well what about Adam?....no matter what Adam said, whether yes or no to the forbidden fruit of the garden the damage was already done....God said you shall not eat it nor shall you touch it, lest you die.........Genesis 3:3A

Hence Eve the woman not Eve the man but Eve the woman was and is responsible for the first world war.......she single handedly opened a door for every war that ever was. The door she opened was called......rebellion against God and submission to satan. The world needs to take Jesus advice..take the saw mill out of your eye then you may be able to take the tooth pick out of your neighbours eye and then you can go and judge in righteousness...........amen?.....1Timothy 2:8-15.

Righteous judgement can never exist where there is partiality towards colour, gender, status, nationality, stature, family, relatives and friends, rich and poor, denominations and religions.........Romans 2:1-16, 1 Timothy 5:21, James 2:9.

Thinking positive can never change a person who lives a life of sin or half hearted christianity neither will it ever change the penalty thereof.................amen.
                                                                             Romans 6:23, Romans 8:13, Revelation 3:16.


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The just shall walk by faith ( not positive or negative thinking )
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Hebrews 11:24-26



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