(so why the price tags)

Acts 15:8

He, the Christ paid the price for entry and eligibility into his kingdom. He, the Christ forgives sins (if repented of) cleanses from all unrighteousness and places all in right standing with Father (all those who he acknowledges as being genuine, sincere). Those of contrite hearts, broken spirits and those who fear him and tremble at his word......Isaiah 8:13
  • The penalty is paid, so how much greater is the sin that is lived out repeatedly by those who claim to be his and (at the same time) by those who use the catch phrase...."Jesus is Lord"!
  • The penalty is paid and now we are able and capable of overcoming and living a holy life for he, the penalty payer has sent the other one.......the paraclete to empower
  • The penalty is paid but the demons of hell and the serpent of old are still being cast out of so called ministers and church goers who are (supposedly) filled with the power of this.....other one/
  • The penalty is paid yet we have men and women who say they have the light of the world, unfathomable light, dwelling in them living like pharisees, sadducees and peddlers of the priceless oracles of God without the slightest conviction of their hypocriscy and with no present, willful intention of departing from such a life
  • The penalty is paid while on line and on street christendom book outlets are making a killing on 'generational sin books,' the steps, moves, acrobats and aerobics of pentecostalism and evangelicalism in one complete set. Credit cards welcomed and after purchase all are invited to the afternoon series in the believers chapel titled..."how to be debt free"
  • The penalty is paid but many, most if not all save a (holy) remnant are still debating it, even though messiah said "it is finished"!
  • The penalty is paid, so why pay charlatans top dollar for half truths, error and shadows of what has already come when all you have to do is follow Jesus the Christ. After all, he is the only one that knows the way, actually he is the
Persisting and Insisting that living in known sin is damnable.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Revelation 3:16, Revelation 2:16, John 15:2.