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THE SUNDAY MAIL                   April 25, 2004

The Christians
are taking over!

There is a rather frightening thing
happening in the Federal Parliament-
the Christians are taking over.
    We are reliably informed that every
couple of weeks about 20 politicians
from both sides of Parliament meet for
a scripture discussion and prayer meeting.
If we are not careful, the Federal Parliament will become a place for the happy clappers to have their meetings, do a bit of healing, and then some serious black-banning of those who disagree with their views.
     Would we feel threatened if Muslims started to have a prayer session before Parliament? You betcha. Maybe we should start a campaign for the next election to "out" those federal members who think they can ignore our Constitution which clearly spells out the need for church and state (and the judiciary) to remain separate.

(article sent in by sister Sue Keeley, Brisbane)

After reading this little article I could not help but think about the..........First religion and cultural diversity conference of July / 1997.
  • SOME WHO ATTENDED: (to mention a few)

    Anglicans and Roman Catholic leaders, Buddhists, Islamic leaders, Greek Orthodox priests, Jewish Rabbis, Salvation Army, Uniting Church ministers, Quakers, Church of Christ and World Vision Reps..
  • PARLIAMENT REPRESENTATIVES: (to mention a few)

    Hon/John Howard, Hon/Kim Beazley - MP.
    Hon/Phil Ruddock.- MP
  • OTHERS: (to mention a few)

    Maurice Strong - new age leader
    Cardinal Francis Arinze
    Governor General of Australia /  Sir William Deane, at that time.
  • SUBJECTS: (to mention a few)

    The New Age, No religion knows God, No religion can claim absolution.
    Interfaith instruction must take place.
After looking at our little article featuring.....christians.....taking over the country of Australia, there is only one question to be asked and that is...........Could you elaborate on the word christian and make it clearer what today's world/Australians actually define as a christian?......could it be just a religious person who follows any one god?.........Matthew 7:21-23.

Will you dare receive the love of Jesus which is experienced by way of the truth of his/Jesus doctrine on application or will you be one of the multitudes to be swept away with strong delusion brought about through (false doctrine) the Lie?.......There is no stronger delusion than happily receiving damnable lies and walking in them all the way to...........eternal hellfire..........2 Thessalonians 2:10, 11.
Date 26.4.2004
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