"THE CHURCHES NEED TO BE SAVED".........from sin, self, satan, the wrath to come and hell-fire.
Do you get the picture?.........It was Saturday the 18th September 2010 around lunch time when holy ghost started to move on peoples down stairs. I was upstairs at the 'Mission' writing, when I was called upon by one of the brothers to pray for a young lady who wanted salvation and wanted her baby to be dedicated to the Christ. The young lady was brought to the 'Mission' by sister Mary Grace a young lady who recently received the Christ as lord and saviour.........click.

We had no sooner finished with the young lady and the babe and then two young 'Baptist students from a Baptist bible College' came and asked to see the pastor of the 'Mission'.

Once again I came down from my desk and one of the two received the Christ as Lord. I asked this one was he a sinner, he said, yes, so I said....'you need to repent and be saved'....so he did and then I prayed the baptism of holy ghost upon him with the laying on of hands. His friend was a little distant but he did say he would return, unless he was telling a pork-pie/lie, we will have to wait and see won't we?......click.

It was just as they left that 4 sales peoples, two young ladies and two young men came to the 'Mission', these are they pictured here on this page. Apparently they were from the 'Bacolod Evangelical Church'. I asked the leader of the group if he was a sinner and he said yes, so I said once again, well, you need to repent and be saved. so he did and he too got a touch from the lord of glory......'Jesus the Christ'.....same again, baptism in holy ghost and smiling like a seagull at the seaside.

He then went and got his assistants who were a little way off and they came to the door of the 'Mission' where the rice is given out and I said to them....."OK everyone!.....line up here and I'll pray with you that Jesus will save your soul".....so they did, they asked Jesus the Christ to forgive them of all their sins and save their souls from hell and he did.

It was as simple as that, then they all got literature, DVDs and books, free of charge, as all do who come to 'Jesus the Christ Ministries - Mission', Bacolod City, Philippines .... Australia and China.......ref/Romans 10:9, 11:22, Hebrews 3:12-15, John 15:2.

This was six souls for the Christ's paddock, by faith of course, in a matter of 30 minutes and I knew nothing of this till it happened there and then with a one minutes notice. Not by the might of the mighty dollar $$$, not by man or woman power but by holy ghost ......says Jesus the Christ.

If the angels of heaven jump up and down over one soul repenting and turning to the Christ what shall they do over a six pack. I have exceeding joy.......joy unspeakable to even think of it. Today is the Sabbath too, I hope the Seventh Day Adventists don't get too upset about that Australian preacher on the highway leading peoples to the Christ on Saturday......Amen.

Jesus the Christ Ministries - Mission, preaching, teaching and testifying that Jesus is the Christ!......www.fireandhammer.com
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Ref/Acts 18:5, Acts 28:30, 31.........18th September 2010