the Mary - Grace story
I am sister Mary-Grace Umbao and I am 24 years old, I have one husband and two children and I am Filipino by natural birth, a saint by new birth/born-again experience. In the past, I lived a very mixed up and messed up life. To start with, my parents separated when I was a child and I was then basically left to myself and was brought up with a very bad street attitude, swearing, gambling and hardship followed me everywhere I went...........ref/Ephesians 1:1 (saints/disciples).

With my parents separated and me being tossed from one parent to the other my childhood was a real terrible and horrible life. My love for gambling increased so much as I grew up, I was soon addicted and found I could not stop. People even started to call me the 'Queen of Gambling'. So I decided to look for help at times through different churches and religions, like the Roman Catholic Church,, El Shaddai a charismatic roman catholic church and Buddhism, the proclaimers of peace but still no peace of mind. I also went one time to Iglesia Ni Cristo here in the Philippines, Bacolod City but I wasn't really welcomed there because I had no

I was looking for a church to help me and deliver me from my gambling and miserable life. I would go to these churches and religions and listen to what they had to say in the morning and then in the evening I would be back to the same old tricks and bad deeds, always doing the wrong thing. I would gamble everywhere at anytime and all the time. It was nothing for me to be sitting at a card table around 6.00am in the morning with my child on my lap and whatever money I could get my hands on. I couldn't control myself, I was addicted and it was wrecking my life. At times I would lose the food money for the family at the card table and then I'd feel even worse, what would I tell my husband and what would I feed my children, my life was a mess and miserable.

When my husband would give me money, I would have bad thoughts, like using that money for gambling, without giving any thought that my husband worked so hard for that money and I would waste it. After my gambling was done and no money was left, I would be broken, with a terrible headache, tired and worn out, troubled and my children would be crying because they were hungry. What will I do, I asked myself........what will I do?????????

I said to my child, you stay here for I am going to the scrap shop to sell this sheet of rusty roofing iron to get some money, so I took the baby with me  and left the older child at home. I was looking up to the sky with tears running down my cheeks, a splitting headache from worry and I cried out to the lord.......Lord, please help me with this hardship.

Only a few seconds later a white man called out to me as I passed a church called "Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission" and asked if I needed help. Then a young man by the name of brother Clark was sent by the white man, the pastor, to help me.

I asked him, why are you helping me and he said that the lord Jesus is going to use someone to help me.

I felt so much better when I heard the name of the lord. I knew about Jesus but I did not know him personally until I came in contact with 'Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission'.

Brother Clark then asked me if I wanted the pastor, Paul Sheehan to pray for me and I said

The pastor layed his hands on my head and prayed with me, I confessed I was a sinner,, asked Jesus to forgive me and I received Jesus as my lord and saviour, then I started to feel very light, my headache was gone and I had a wonderful peace within. It was like Pastor Paul was an apostle of Jesus sent to help me......halleluyah!.......ref/Romans 10:9, Romans 11:22.

I have never had so much blessing at one time, in all my life. Through Jesus the Christ I now have power to abandon all my sins. I have received the promise of Father......holy ghost power. Now I know myself, I have courage to say no to gambling and the devil....................ref/Luke 24:47-49; Romans 6:15-23.

Since I came across 'Jesus the Christ Ministries Mission', Bacolod City, by the grace of God, I have been blessed with salvation, peace of mind, deliverance from gambling and I am now learning to be humble before everyone, especially my husband. I have found that in JTCM-Mission we have a lot of freedom here but we don't have the liberty to live in known-sin and be part of  JTCM-Mission, this is a good standard for all. I also distribute the 'Word of God' to the lost people in my area, just as this testimony will be given freely to all that I can reach, as Father leads by his spirit.
Honesty, Truth and Humility is the way to go, just as pastor teaches, with Jesus as number one.

The pastor's wife, sister Juvy has been very helpful to me also as God's instrument, she treats me like her own sister and the fellowship treats me no different than anyone else. They accept me, my children and my husband, on Jesus terms, this is very nice, thank you
Sister: Mary-Grace Umbao
Brgy, Taculing, Mansilingan Highway, Bacolod City, Philippines
28th August 2010