The full Counsel Newsletter - No 320

ROMANS 10:17

(give them all opportunity to confess their sin with their mouth, depart from it and follow Jesus to the end.....Matthew 24:13)
I am believing that all readers of this letter, scroll, message, understand that the God spoken of here is Jesus the Christ......

Two major things happen (among many other) when the word of God/Yah is preached, taught and read. Faith comes and the ears are opened, however, it must be his word/Jesus words, doctrine. Salvation comes by confessing with the mouth.......Romans 10:10.

So what's the plug on programmes of men and women, religions and philosophy? As we always hear without fail today in churches, TV and on radio religious clubs, join our courses, programmes and club membership, for a fee of course $$$

One bloke calling himself a pastor on a religious radio show said that we are not just about sermons and preaching, we have programmes too that people may join and courses to attend for all the family. Faith just went out the window!

Faith does not come by programmes neither does hearing, Faith comes by the word, the preaching and teaching of it. Where were the programmes that St. Paul, John the Baptist (who wasn't a baptist) and Stephan the martyr attended?

The biggest problem in the world and churches today is that they have never really heard Him/the Word, hence biblical-faith has never rolled up. There is most assuredly plenty of.....programme-faith...around but the ways of men and women never do seem to deliver fully, e.g.: Alcoholics Anonymous, Alfalfa Programmes

Programme - faith, is easy to identify.....they need to cover themselves in Jesus blood every five minutes (they don't believe), their sin comes back on them (they never did repent), their healing wears off (it's only temporary), if they don't go to church on Saturday they feel condemned, if they don't tithe from their net income they may not be saved or live till they are 70, predestination by election, and the beat goes on and on and on and on

Which reminds me of one of Ken Hagin's (deceased) prophecies given by Gloria Copeland on TV/28.3.2006. She said as she read from Hagin's archives as Hagin spoke at one of his conn-ferences....."Yeah, you are a word church but you also need to be a holy ghost church says the lord"....Bla!...Bla!...Bla!

The problem here is, this is thus says the Ken because you can not be a word church unless you are a holy ghost church. For if holy ghost isn't there (leading and moving) there will be no bonafide word, just doctrines of men and women, at the best a letter-church or Laodecian lairisers.

Beth Moore, friend of James Robison and the "Life" show told just as big a lie only recently when she said this..."we need to sharpen the sword of the spirit" to stop the devil in his tracks ladies! Sorry Beth and James, error, the sword is the doctrine of the Christ and the spirit is holy ghost and neither can be sharpened and neither need sharpening. Both Hagin and Moore's teaching is twisted and an insult to established cannon. If your sword is blunt, you are not wielding the doctrine of the Christ. This is common occurrence amidst churches and so called bible teachers today......programmes, false prophecy and mere men and women sharpening and improving upon established cannon and holy ghost power by their carnal imaginations, the liar can not be saved....Revelation 21:8...........Click


Pastor Paul Sheehan