DEAD BEFORE THEIR TIME?.................JAMES 4:15
  • Ecclesiastes 3:2.....e.g.: John the baptist.
We have all heard of the saying "he or she has died before their time".....are you sure about that?

How can we know these things?....We can't, unless we ask and who do we ask in order to get the correct answer......I would say, the only wise God-Jesus the

Whether we like it or not we all have a used by date on our life and the truth is, Jesus the Christ is not only the alpha and omega but he is also the one who holds the keys to life and death. And all princes, authorities and powers on earth and in the air/heavens are ultimately under his headship......James 4:15
  • Bible refs: John 11:25, Revelation 1:18, Colossians 2:10.
I can not believe for one moment that a man or woman would die before their time while at the same time God almighty had a plan and work, job, mission or assignment for that one. No, dear reader, I firmly believe that God Almighty will have his way and his plan will be fulfilled. I's dotted and t's crossed.

Actually most people in the world and churches for that matter live in fear daily that they may die before their time. So called christian authors actually write diet books about this event coming to pass and sell millions of dollars of useless paraphernalia with this fear trip. And in the next breath teach God is in control or mother nature has

To say that "we can die before out time" especially in the case of so called born-again christians is nothing short of handing the ultimate control of life into the hands of mere men and women and it also places God in the category of limited, handicapped and violates established canon....
  • EVIL.....Everything, that Violates the Instructions of the Lamb.
For a church leader or church goer or so called prophet, teacher, pastor or otherwise to say you could die before your time, die before God is finished with you is simply fear filled faithless religion.

It says God/Yah is not sovereign neither is he a miracle worker, neither is he omni. The Christ has the keys to open doors or shut them, give life or take it, this is true and he the Christ is true......Revelation 3:7.............

My life will finish on this earth when Father gives the nod and if he wants to resurrect Paul Sheehan from the grave before the regeneration for a little more work so be it......Matthew 19:28-30....Selah
  • Pastor Paul Sheehan
    One day at a time sweet Jesus, if I live it's the Christ, if I die it will be my gain. My life is not dear to me....Acts 20:21-27.