“The Truth Falls on Deaf Ears”….  
‘For the time will come when they will not Endure (continue in or want) Sound doctrine but According to their Own (ungodly) Desires, because they have itching ears (hungry for entertainment and grandeur) , they will heap-up for themselves (their favourite-non offensive) teachers. And they will turn their ears ‘away’ from the truth and be turned aside to (blindly accept) fables/myths of men and women ‘….
ref/2 Timothy 4: 3, 4.

Human philosophies and clichés are Religious peoples’ preferred sayings today. Many (supposed) Protestant Christians theoretically believe the Truthfulness of the Bible and the Trinity doctrine but in practice follow Common Secular Sayings. ‘Mothers know best,’ the older, the wiser,’ do as your wife tells you to do,’ and other such sayings are followed. ‘Do the right thing’ is another popular cliché, which is so broad and over-simplistic, it’s a joke. And who are they called Right anyway? Where is the line actually drawn between Right and Wrong today? Trends allowed to influence accepted Morals .. ref/Colossians 2:8.

Stories like, the Da Vinci Code have been very ‘popular’ sellers Internationally, as are the ‘Absolute Predestination Teachings’. Many people have a stereotype view of Churches and their members, and they try hard (make it a point) to steer clear of Extreme or Fundamentalist (Jesus Orientated) Church Leaders. However, historical stories, especially those putting a different twist on the ‘biblical life of Jesus’ cater to wider audiences and are Well accepted in the West, all under the guise of Love of course ..

Professing Christians spend thousands of dollars $$$ annually on religious stories; whereas giving away (bonafide-truth) hard-line New Testament teaching appears a difficult task. People throw Bibles into bins or rivers, preferring to trust their own instincts. However, peoples’ instincts are mainly ‘Immediate Survival Oriented’ and are unable to receive deep Revelation of Christ’s sayings, script. A spiritual mindset and life manner encounters some and sometimes great losses, and when people instinctively sense loss, they tend to avoid getting spiritually involved. Hence the Devil has Churches in place to cater for these half-hearted breeds.

Community Gospels are now ‘Established Curriculums’ in Churches and all the go for Church Building Growing. Many Australian Orthodox Mainstream Churches are connected, and their Church Leaders are made to follow a basic Curriculum if they intend being accepted by the Government of the day, World and the well-heeled, with specific sermons to be taught at set times. Like snares prepared for mere beasts of the field. It could be argued that they are Puppet teachers or Puppet leaders.

These Sunny Sunday and Saturday Sermons are designed to minimise any Feelings of Offence, Gender inequality or Political incorrectness.

The Biblical Principles of exclusively Husband led households, Heterosexual marriage, Strict parenting and Personal accountability for a Christian’s actions are considered to be Unnecessary, Old-fashioned, Boring and Socially unacceptable these days .. ref/Ephesians 4:14-15.

The sermons have a theme of God repetitively forgiving ‘Christian’ Sinners who have no remorse and it’s said that it is part + parcel of the Natural Human Condition of a Born-Again person to deliberately live in Sin and at the same time be Saved from Eternal Hell Fire.
This ‘Other Gospel’ this people pleasing and entertaining Gospel, causes a lack of Accountability, lack of Conviction and lack of Remorse on the part of the ‘Congregations of Sinners’, and they return to their workplaces or Schools on Monday in no better shape Spiritually than they were on Friday and fit in like hand in glove.

Gospel preaching outside of Select-Accepted Churches has become outdated and Unacceptable. People are generally less trusting of Independent Churches, as they (lack faith in God and aren’t usually led by Holy Ghost to attend church, much rather by their own emotions and whim, hence) tend to be suspicious that they are Sects or Cults, since they are not affiliated with the ‘Mainstream Mongrel Denominations’ of Christendom which is doomed to destruction outside of ‘True-Repentance and bearing fruit befitting their turn around, along with Sound Doctrine .. ref/Hebrews 13:13.

When people Preach the Word on the streets, they also meet with a lot of Resistance, as pedestrians on the scene are more guarded towards strangers than in times past, most armed with ear plugs in their ears, listening to trash mind altering music. Some Churches even demand and warn their Congregations to not take any literature from anyone calling themselves Christian outside of their Denomination, (for they might get the truth and be set free from tithing, book, cd, dvd and infested literature sales, maybe even get Saved from Self and Sin) ..

This is all geared (by the God of this World-Satan) to Save them from the Salvation, Truth-the Christ and His Disciples. Belief in the Holy Bible is labelled as Religion to all, and many Westerners are heavily guarded against this concept of Religion. This is evident in former ‘Christian’ nations such as England, which nowadays is a very standard Secular Nation as is Australia, USA and Africa, dominated by Atheists and Agnostics. Theories like ‘Evolution’ and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ are taught in Schools, especially in developed nations and in nations Governed by Atheists. Therefore, School students feel comforted in the belief that ‘they’ choose how to live ‘their’ lives and are void of, totally blind to the concept that they will be judged by God-Jesus the Christ for their choices and actions.

It is really a case of ‘Survival of the Faithful’ today. Today’s Christians need to engage in Spiritual Warfare (Obeying the Word) and not socially conforming to the World. However, many professing Christians have no experience of actively taking part in any form of Spiritual Battle… re: Truth vs Lies, Darkness vs Light and Religion vs Righteousness. Today’s main priorities inside and outside Churches are Materialistic .. earning Salaries, buying Property, Financial-Investment/Nest Eggs, investing in a tertiary/further Education and spending
plenty cash on Entertainment. This is the typical Civilian life enjoyed by most Professing Christians and Sinners today alike, but what will they do in the END?

‘No one engaged in Warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this Life, that he may please Him/Jesus who enlisted him as a soldier.’.. ref/2 Timothy 2:4.

A deployed soldier is focused and without certain comforts, which civilians appreciate daily. They are separated from their wives, children, friends and hobbies . They live on rations and they need to adapt to the needs of the Battle, rather than meeting their own Personal needs. They are serving Highly Ranked Officers of their country rather than serving themselves, their friends and family at home. Today, it is unpopular for Church Ministers to exhort their Congregations to live like Soldiers and not like Civilians, there’s just no seats filled or monies in it.

The words of Paul the apostle were, that married disciples of Jesus were to ‘live as though they were unmarried because the time was short and evil’. But if Church Ministers these days were to tell the men in the Congregation to spend less time with their wives and children in order to serve the Lord, it would undoubtedly be considered Socially Unacceptable, even Cultic and there would soon, no doubt, be a decrease in membership.

Twenty first century Christians mostly prefer to enjoy their lives in the flesh as much as any old Blind Sinner in the street or neighbourhood. After all, the time is short, as the Apostle Paul mentioned. Material prosperity, owning multiple homes, cars and being well liked by whole Communities are the key priorities in today’s ‘Prosperity-Preacher/Preacher-ess led (so called) Protestant Congregations’, Worldwide.

These members are not true Protestants, for real Protestants protest against the weighty issues surrounding the Christ and Salvation to the Uttermost. Issues such as Known-Sin, Corruption-Perversion of Doctrine and Idolatry and Worldliness in the Christendom Church. These Prosperity Proclaimers are more like Social Reformers who are Conformed to Secular Society .. ref/Hebrews 5:9…

However, ‘Crown Winning Believers’ in the Christ are required to be Non-Conformists to the Material, Sociable World, Separated from anyone and anything that violates the Doctrine of the Christ and they are called to Serve Messiah not dainties to themselves. This requires them to put on (walk in) the Mindset/Doctrine of the Christ, Battle as Soldiers Battle, Contend as Holy Ghost prompts, defend the Truth by Critique, come what may and remain Alive/Active in the Faith of Christ Jesus, as an International Body of Believers would be biblically expected. That is if we are going to be considered His on that Day ..
ref/1 Thessalonians 4:17, Galatians 1:10.

T. E. Loftus .. Slovakia, Europe
Matthew 7:13-14