(through the Word of God)

For most of my life, I lived as a sinner and an immoral person. Then later on, I began to read the words of God in the Holy Bible, and I began to fear Him. Some time later, I received Lord Jesus as savior, and I attended a small Pentecostal fellowship from time to time.

The problem was that I had not yet fully given up my life. I was not living a sacrificial life and not serving Lord Jesus. I also stopped attending the Sunday church meetings. Some time later, I attended a Baptist church for about ten months. Inasmuch as Pentecostal churches are false and not of Lord Jesus' true church, the state of the Baptist church that I attended was also notably unclean and false, because I now know that the Baptist church taught Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) doctrine, and I never heard them warn their attendees about the consequences of willful and known sins.

The Baptist fellowship that I formerly attended was a house of truth-resistant-pigs led by money hungry apostates and false teachers. The word, 'pigs' refers to people that resist the teaching and counsel of the true Lord Jesus Christ. However, I was one with them; I was a pig professing to be a Christian, I was a 'willfully' lost prodigal son, who thought he had returned to Lord Jesus by attending a Baptist church, but I was still truth-resistant and not learning the true and complete teaching of Lord Jesus, as I was still blind to the complete unadulterated truth of His word.
● Ref. Luke 15:11-32, Romans 12:1, 2
The truth is that I believe I was not totally serious about following Lord Jesus until I learned the true revelation knowledge of His teaching from His prophet in Southeast Queensland, Brother Paul Sheehan of Jesus the Christ Ministries (JTCM).

I met Brother Paul Sheehan in Brisbane CBD one morning as I awaited a bus to go to work. He regularly gave me messages including literature for free (ref: Revelation 22:17). I was undoubtedly edified by the strong and truthful Lord Jesus ordained message of warning in JTCM messages. Therefore, I repented of my backslidden ways, and I attended the Sunday church services of JTCM, and I have been contributing to this perfect ministry. I believe that loyal saints of JTCM are perfect up to the light/understanding and knowledge that we have provided that we continue to check our hearts, obey Lord Jesus' New Testament teaching and be free from known and willful

Soon after attending the Sunday services of JTCM, I was water baptized in Lord Jesus' name and later went out and distributed JTCM literature to peoples' letterboxes. About one year after meeting Brother Paul, I left Australia after being sent out on behalf of JTCM Australia and went to witness for Lord Jesus and distribute literature in Japan. I also worked there as an English teacher.

While working in Japan, I visited some  churches and found that falsehood was preached, taught and practiced in two international churches that I visited, 'Osaka International Church (OIC) and Sakai International Bible Church (SIBC).' I was still maturing in the faith, but it did not take me long to realize the false OSAS (Salvation by election) doctrine being taught in OIC church. I did not attend those churches for long, but I did later correct the ministers of these churches via phone call or letter. The pastor of OIC refused correction from me, and SIBC church still has false doctrine on its

Some Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses also approached me and tried to teach me another doctrine. Fortunately, Brother Paul Sheehan gave me crucial advice, and I continued to read my Holy Bible and thus avoided following false teachers again. Severe deception through false doctrine of professing Christians is currently circulating in Japan as well as in all nations. Christians must be careful, and those Christians that are not ministers need to learn from a minister truly sent by Lord Jesus, and they need to check that minister's teaching by checking their Holy Bibles.

 ● Acts 17:11, Ephesians 4:11-16.

In early 2007, I moved from Japan to China for my work. While in China, I have witnessed for Lord Jesus and taught His unadulterated and truthful teaching to people that agreed to listen including people I met on the streets of China or other places. I have also introduced some people to Lord Jesus and informed them of His perfectly true teaching.

● Ref: Matthew 28:18-20.

I am still in China and I am also gladly continuing to follow Lord Jesus, and I listen daily to His words. Therefore, He has given me discernment to discern between truth and error. He has also given me boldness and zeal, and I feel encouraged to speak out against evil including the evil false teaching of the false Christendom churches. It is a true Christian's job to expose unfruitful, sinful works of darkness and to keep their own conduct upright by obeying Lord Jesus' New Testament teaching.

●  Ref: Ephesians 5:11-17, 2 Corinthians 6:17.

It is Christians' responsibility to test the spirits to prevent themselves from being deceived (ref: 1 John 4:1, Matthew 24:4, 5). I have learned from Brother Paul Sheehan the correct meaning of the Scriptures of Matthew 24:5: 'Many people will come and say that Jesus is Lord and will deceive many.' That is exactly what professing Christian ministers and professing Christians are doing right now, which is unbeknown to the deceived. False doctrine deceives people so that they are blinded, and many become totally resistant to the truth, as their hearts are

False churches of Christendom are presently banding together, and I believe that sooner or later, they will form into the One World Church of Satan. All of these false churches are already part of Satan's church and not the true church of Lord Jesus. I believe that the One World Church will be led by the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), which is the 'Mother of Harlots' and the mother of harlot churches, as chapters seventeen and eighteen of Revelation in the Holy Bible tell a description of a harlot, which clearly matches that of the

The One World Church is a threat to the souls of multitudes of people, and these harlot churches including well known Christendom denominations are presently deceiving the nations. Those that remain with these false churches shall not escape the wrath  to come and hell fire eternal. They must depart from them or else be damned with them.

● Ref: 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Revelation 17 and

Hell is a literal place of fire, brimstone, darkness and pain. However, Jehovah Witness pigs, teach otherwise and are not witnesses of the true Lord Jesus. All un-repentant unbelievers will go to hell forever. Unbelievers are people that refuse to completely obey Lord Jesus' New Testament commandments.

Most people in Brisbane and Australia remain blind to Lord Jesus' full counsel doctrine and are thus blind to the truth. Many people still refuse to listen to the true message of one of Lord Jesus' true prophets and shepherds, Pastor Paul Sheehan. They are mad if they refuse Lord Jesus' perfectly truthful and powerful teaching that makes His faithful followers rich in His sight and for eternity.

● Ref: Luke 16:29, 2 Chronicles 20:20

People in Australia and any people that live in known sin need to wake up and listen to Brother Paul Sheehan, prophet of Lord Jesus or to any messenger that Lord Jesus may send them before it is too late. People that refuse to hear any of Lord Jesus' faithful ministers, those same ignorant people refuse to listen to Lord Jesus or obey Him. They reject Him and will suffer eternal condemnation - unless they repent. Do not be numbered with truth-resistant-unbelievers. They are on the road to hell, which is a never-ending living death of eternal pain and torment and not annihilation as so many are led to

If you live in known sin, repent of your sins, confess to Lord Jesus that you are a sinner, ask for His forgiveness, receive Him as your savior and learn the true doctrine, His living words, and you shall then enjoy the liberation of remission from known sin and have eternal peace with Lord Jesus and later eternal rest in heaven if you continue to obey Him unto death.

Brother Thomas Loftus, unprofitable servant of Lord Jesus
Jesus the Christ Ministries/

Bonus: To say you belong to a certain denomination or a particular religion and promote it, is to say 'Jesus is not your Husband' you willfully prostitute your heart/spirit, soul and your body will not remain unaffected. Ultimately you miss the outworking of the cross....................Ref/John 17:20-26, 1 Peter