Greetings Bro. Paul .... Our weather (in UK) is wet and nasty at the moment (not so bad in Nottingham) but - Australia is like an inferno when I looked recently at the global situation! Bright red all over & up to 40+ degrees C ! It seems that God has His hand in this somehow? Anyone starting to repent, I wonder.

Your comments on Leonard Ravenhill acknowledged and to be fair to all sides Iím having a closer look - from my position as it were and in general terms. That aside, yes I know quite a lot about David Pawson, Jacob Prasch, also with the spat between him, his Ministry and Phil Powell. All rather technical I note.

Pawson and Prasch do from time to time hold Seminars/ speaking engagements (whatever you call them) locally, they are invited by a Ministry Group here. I and my good wife have heard them speak over quite a period of time, have even chatted to them, and yes, they do promote their books at such Meetings, on Amazon as well. There is of course a Death of Discernment in all our UK Churches bar a few, and a rock bottom shortfall in good teaching.

In fact, when DP (Pawson) tackled the subject of remarriage and all that, as well as OSAS on another occasion, there was even a ripple of 'subdued' anger amongst listeners! I like folk who challenge the status quo of poor Understanding, the more people 'squeak' the better I like it - after all, it's the bible speaking to them, not the teachers.

This is, like in Oz-Australia, the massive problem here.. paid Ministers, many of them female nowadays, 'pussyfoot' around and will not tell the truth, even if they know it. A Remnant of itinerant teachers take on board this task, and I give them a certain respect because they draw a lot of criticism of course. If they talked 'garbage' - well, they can join the ranks can't they - but their teaching is essential and I would much rather share the reading of 'Shadow of the Beast' (Jacob Prasch) than most, if not all of the Spiritual Obscenities (books and so forth) coming out of the 'Emergent so-called Churches '.
So I honour all (especially Bro. Paul Sheehan) who speak the truth and apply hard tack discernment to all the nut cases strutting their stuff today, gets worse as the Anti-Christ spirit takes hold.

Interesting to discuss, so few want to 'take hold of Jesus or even touch His cloak' today. Now then, Bro. Paul, I do want rid of the CWM/Phil Powell entry so have applied again to them to be struck off his list. Let's see! Delighted to see a lovely flow at your end, baptisms, dedication of the little ones, fearless preaching.

God bless you all ..
Bro. Roger Palmer and Family
Christian Expression Fellowship .. Nottingham/UK


PS .. Anything on the Rapture/Upward Call your end. HS talking to me about this - again - what I have learnt is quite wide, but additional data helpful - after all this is the true Christian's great hope in being united at last with Christ Jesus.